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These days the Internet of Things is getting closer all the time. Practically everything is wired and managing them all is somewhat a pain.

Liam Mac Namee writes:

As you know it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of what our children are accessing on-line and thus potentially leading to cyber bullying and exposure to content that is inappropriate for their age groups.

Our new product Skydog (we are exclusive Irish distributors) seeks to solve that problem by assisting parents to monitor their children’s on-line activity, prevent them from accessing undesirable websites and restrict the amount of time spent on-line on all of their devices.

Of course, there’s always the risk your kids will drug you to have more internet time.

Web Safe Ireland

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Clinch is a new Irish recruitment jobs site.

Damien Glancy, their CTO says:

Born from the notion that “hiring shouldn’t suck,” Clinch offers a hiring experience that is more engaging, more honest, and basically more human – for both jobseeker and employer alike. Our in-house photographers and copywriters work alongside companies to create a profile on Clinch that provides unique insight into their workplace and culture. For the job seekers themselves,
Clinch provides a sort of “window on the workplace,” allowing them to get a real feel for the company and the people who work there. The more informed people are, the better choices they can make when it comes to submitting job applications.

Their robots.txt though shows their true feelings stripped of the marketing:

#     ____ _ _            _       _
#    / ___| (_)_ __   ___| |__   (_) ___
#   | |   | | | '_ \ / __| '_ \  | |/ _ \
#   | |___| | | | | | (__| | | |_| | (_) |
#    \____|_|_|_| |_|\___|_| |_(_)_|\___/
#                 -___________-
#                (/     _     \)
#                /_____(O)_____\
#                // / / | \ \ \\
#               =================
#               // / | | | | \ \\      "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! ALL RECRUITERS!"
#              ===================    /
#             //// || || || || \\\\
#             |||| || || || || ||||
#            /---___-----------,---\
#            |  /   \         -o-  |
#            /  \___/          '   \
#            +---------------------+
#           /_   __    ___    __   _\
#          (__) (__)  (___)  (__) (__)
#          |_    __    ___    __    _|
#         (__)  (__)  (___)  (__)  (__)
#         /_    ___    ___    ___    _\
#        (__)  (___)  (___)  (___)  (__)
#        |_     ___    ___    ___     _|
#       (__)   (___)  (___)  (___)   (__)
#       /_______________________________\
They’re even running a competition for employers to use the service for free.

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Paul Bolger (a former animator with the Don Bluth Studio as well as his own studio Dagda Film) along with Barry Devlin (the Horslips front man) are attempting to bring their vision of the Cú Chulainn legend to life in a new graphic novel triology.

They spin the story as:

In this forgotten world where war once ruled peace reigns supreme and this is killing Morrigan, last of the Long Lived. In a desperate bid to stay vital she kidnaps baby Cú Cullan and exposes the child to her darkness imbuing him with unnatural strength and agility, but at a price. He inherits her dark hair, eyes and unpredictable brooding nature. He is not easy to be around. Although physically smaller than his peers he has the status of a giant. Friend and foe fear him. Since killing a Blacksmith’s guard dog and taking it’s place as a child, hence his nickname, HOUND, he has earned a reputation for never letting anyone or anything get in the way of that which he wants more than anything else – to be Champion of the World.

They’re a bit more than a third of the ways to the £22K goal with 17 days to go.

Not that such comparisons make Hound any less excellent: Frank Miller meets Sláine, anyone?

Hound: A Celtic Myth set in Ancient Ireland


You can’t have missed the coverage of the Heartbleed exploit which potentially effects 17% of the internet.

Bruce Schneier describes the impact as:

“Catastrophic” is the right word. On the scale of 1 to 10, this is an 11.

Randall Munroe of XKCD does a fantastic job explaining in layman’s terms what the bug actually is - something that the security community (as usual) has struggled with.

You can use Filippo Valsorda’s handy tool to see if a site is potentially vulnerable (Broadsheet’s server uses a version of OpenSSL that is not vulnerable to this particular attack).


Threat from Heartbleed grows as flaw found in some routers (Irish Times)

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The LEGO CUUSOO site seems to simply your childhood fever dreams made real.

This set from Sam Gras is a perfect example. Straight out of the Batman ’66 TV series, it brings back memories of Saturday morning TV and falling in love with the Batmobile for the first time.

This simply needs to be in Christmas stockings this year.

Lego, Get On This Batman ’66 Batmobile Set IMMEDIATELY


Bubble Your TV is a new second screen app from developer Padraig Hough.

The app not only acts as a TV guide but also lets you comment and rate the shows you are watching.

You can sort shows by ratings, popularity and time left (well there’s no point in switching to something that’s nearly over is there?).

It’s early days for the app and they are actively looking for feedback so why not give it a LOOKl and let them know what YOU think?

The app is available now on the Google Play Store and an iOS version is in the pipeline.

Do you have an Irish app?

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A couple of years ago, a Korean photographer claimed to have taken a multiple exposure shot of aircraft taking off from Hannover-Langenhagen Airport.

That image turned out to be fake, but the one above from photographer Michael Kelly appears to be the real deal.

Over 400 photos were taken over the course of a day and combined into a single image with some minor liberties taken with the the positioning of certain planes to aid with the composition.

Photographing Every Departure at LAX’s South Complex: “Wake Turbulence”


3. Search  4. Player

If you’ve ever clicked on one of the app redemption links we sometimes have for iOS apps, you may already encountered the developers of Castro - Vancouver based Pádraig Ó Cinnéide and Oisin Prendiville (who is also also behind My Artist, one of our first app reviews).

Like the best iOS apps of the moment, it fully leverages all the gestures and styling of iOS 7 to give an app that is quick and intuitive to use.

Under its skin it’s a smart little beast, downloading new episodes at optimum times (as all well behaved apps should) so new content is served up as soon as it’s ready.

A slick little package and to be honest, it gets more use from me than its rival Network.


Castro is available on the App Store at €2.69

Do you have an Irish app (we’d really like to see some Android ones)?

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screen568x568 (1)

Know someone doing their mocks?

James Whelton (our favourite former teen sensation) and Trinity student James Eggers have come up with a pair of apps to help those sitting the Junior and Leaving Cert this year.

They describe the apps as giving:

Access to all the online Irish junior and leaving certificate papers for all levels, with such mind-blowing features as “full screen paper viewing mode”, landscape support and intelligent exam level remembering features, we built this app for such an incredible experience to aid studying, that if weaponised, aliens would finally visit earth in order to learn this app’s secrets.

No longer will you fear the Léamhthuiscint in Irish Paper 2 when viewed through this app. This is the perfect companion to the fast paced, exotic, glamorous and thrilling adventure that is the Junior Cert….

Unfortunately, there are no answers but there’s another app for that.

Junior Cert Papers and Leaving Cert Papers are available on the App Store for €1.79 each.

Do you have an Irish app?

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