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Calvin & Hobbes creator Bill Watterson’s collaboraton with Stephan Pastis for his strip Pearls Before Swine - the famously reclusive artist’s first published comic work since Calvin & Hobbes finished (the only other piece is his poster for an upcoming documentary Stripped).

The collaboration, which Pastis describes as “A glimpse of Bigfoot“, was only revealed with the publication of the 3rd strip today.

Bill Watterson’s Strips For Pearls Before Swine (Bleeding Cool)






LEGO Ideas (formerly Cuusoo) user ‘ysomt’ was inspired by the Avengers film to realise the Helicarrier in LEGO form.

At 217 x 115 cm and using nearly 23,0000 bricks this beast of a model is fantastic, if a little impractical to compile as a set.


There’s plenty more pictures on the project page.

Cool Stuff: 22,000-Piece Avengers Lego Helicarrier Design


Created by Ranga Vadhineni, Localmint is a site and companion iOS app that lets you find out opening times of shops around you.

It doesn’t sound like something that would be hard to to find using Google, but it surprisingly IS especially when you’re in a hurry.

It’s one of those apps that you’ll have on your phone, forgotten about until the last can is drunk and you need to get to the closest shop still open.

Ranga and his co-founder Oisin Ryan are currently part of the current batch of start ups in the NDRC Launchpad programme and are working to bring their app to the UK and Australia.

The app is available now on the Apple App Store and an Android version is in the pipeline to be released in July.

Do you have an Irish app?

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After teasing everyone with a mostly obscured shot of the new Batmobile from his upcoming Batman vs Superman film, Zack Snyder delivered today with a better shot along with (what we assume is) a bonus Ben Affleck in costume.



Ten-year-old Niall Kehoe [above] released his first game last week, Kehoes Crazy War of the Worlds which he created using Game Salad.

Dermot Daly of Tapadoo (who Niall got in touch with for some advice) says:

[Niall] e-mailed us out of the blue to help him upload his app to the store.

His problems were in the process of submission – getting certificates, bundling the app correctly and so forth. Problems that any developer could run into.  He was quite a dab hand at getting around the keyboard; seemed super-smart.

It’s great to see that people as young as 10 show an interest in software development. I started young myself, and always like to see movements like App Camp for Girls and Coder Dojo. Meeting enthusiastic young developers tells me that the future of software is in safe hands.

It’s fantastic to see someone so young be motivated enough to develop skills still not taught in schools despite all the lip service given to the Smart/Knowledge Economy given by politicians.

Kehoes Crazy War of the Worlds available on the Apple app store now. Why don’t you download and review it to give this budding young developer some encouragement?

Do you have an Irish app?

As always, no favours, cuddles, or pints were given for this post. We have some guidelines on submissions.


You’ve been plagued by all those ugly election posters since April 23 but sure isn’t a small price to pay for being able to cast your vote.

You are registered to vote aren’t you?

Today is the last day you can register. You can see if you are on the current electoral roll on the Check The Register website.

Registering To Vote