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Last week, we asked YOU to pick and choose from the historic roster of Irish musicians, artists and wanton noisemakers to populate your dream band.

In fact, we asked the following specifically.

‘My ultimate Irish supergroup would comprise_______________ [on vocals, guitar, bass, drums, etc.] and I would call them___________________________’

On the line was a cool and crispy €25 voucher for Golden Discs, redeemable at any of its fourteen locations around the country, including the brand-new Vinyl Lounge, upstairs in their flagship Cork city location.

The lines are now closed, and the choosing of a winner was especially tough going this week. But there can only be one…

PMCD, with this absolute cracker of a line-out.

Name of band: The Psychotic Reaction.

Cathal Coughlan (Microdisney/The Fatima Mansions) – Vocals.
Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) – Guitar.
Cait O’Riordan (The Pogues) – Bass Guitar.
Eamon Carr (Horslips) – Drummer.
Jeremy Hickey (RSAG) – Drummer. (I’m going for the double drummer – full on Adam & the Ants “Burundi” effect)

Donnacha Costello – Vintage Synths/Electronic effects (check out last year’s “Mouvements” if you haven’t already done so).
Brigid Mae Power, Lisa O’Neill & Katie Kim on backing vocals.

Named after “Psychotic Reaction”, one of the greatest garage rock anthems of them all by San Diego’s Count Five, fronted by Crumlin’s John “Sean” Byrne. In deference to the origin of the band’s name, The Psychotic Reaction will have to don full length high-collared vampire capes (I may have thought about this too much).

Other highlights from the running:

AMOS: “Moya Brennan on vocals, Declan O’Rourke on vocals and guitar, Neil Hannon on piano, lyrics, David Holmes on keyboards and decks, Martin Hayes on fiddle, Emmaline Duffy-Fallon (of the great Engine Alley!) on drums, Joe Wall (The Stunning) on bass. Their name: “Tonight We Fly”.”

Michael Holland: “My ultimate Irish supergroup would comprise Cormac Battle on vocals; Andy Cairns on guitar/vocals; Mark Hamilton on bass; Graham Hopkins on drums and I would call them “Kings of Tragedy”.”

Stephen: “Kevin Shields on guitar, Aphex Twin on drum machine, Enya on keyboards, Richard Egan on bass and Dustin the Turkey on Vocals. The band would be called That Poultry Emotion.”

Penfold: “My ultimate Irish supergroup would comprise: vocals, Tim Wheeler; guitar, has to be Rory Gallagher, just a genius. Can switch roles with Wheeler who’s a better than decent guitarist, Bass: Richie Egan (he could switch it up and do keys), on drums: Keith Lawler from Giveamanakick. Just mental on drums. And they would be called: Enjoy Your Hearing While It Lasts.”

Mark1: “Vocals: Sinead O’Connor and Luke Kelly. Guitar: Rory Gallagher. Bass: Phil Lynott. Drums: Larry Mullen Jr. Name: The Gaelic Aesthetic Association.”

Thanks all.

Golden Discs


File under: Decent Irish hip-hop.

Dublin rapper Kojaque drops a low-key banger with new single Wificode, thru his own label, Soft Boy Recs.

And also, an early contender for Irish music video of the year, streaming above.

Camcorder tape, frail-looking caravan, drinking, general foolishness. A distinctly lo-fi take on a few important touchstones of the Irish domestic holiday experience.


Screenshot (276)

Something we’ve rarely seen in Cork since the local Gardaí cracked down on the lads bringing the wee skate ramps to Half-Moon St. a few years back: a street-skate vid.

Brought to you by the kind folk at Primetime Cork (for all your streetwear needs, serving the city over 25 years) as part of their series of videos on Cork culture. They write:

Here’s the next instalment in our ongoing video series, this week showcasing three of Cork’s top skaters and long-time friends of the shop. Throughout our 25 year history Primetime has taken great pride in supporting every aspect of ‘street’ culture in our city, whether musical, artistic or otherwise. Long may this continue!

More videos here.


Cat MeatAmericana with some very familiar faces

What you may need to know…

01. Cat Meat are something of a hub of Irish music veterans to say the least: Ian Olney (Power of Dreams/Cypress, Mine!) is central to the main line-up, while Morty McCarthy (Sultans of Ping/Pharmacy) has guested behind the kit, and live bassist Mark Healy has prior form in Cypress, Mine! and Lift.

02. Emerging a few years back, the band have recently dropped by some old stomping grounds, with gigs in Cork city and Ballydehob. The outfit plies a warm if somewhat forlorn mix of folk, Americana and blues.

03. Streaming above is the band’s new full-length, Trembling Tongues Make Magpie Bait, also available for free/pay-what-you-want download from the band’s Bandcamp.

04. We’ll keep you posted on any upcoming return Irish legs for the band, though video from their last few shows is up on their Facebook.

Thoughts: The sum of their influences and reference points, but with a hint of ’90s alternative ingenue amid it all.

Cat Meat


The Irish music community has always been tight-knit, perhaps drawn from a similarity in being left largely to its own devices, and that camaraderie has largely carried across genres. It’s extended to supporting one another at the most difficult of times, and unfortunately, this is another one of those occasions.

Wrote Windings on their Facebook last night:

Way back in 2002, Steve and Liam from windings were in a punk band called The Poke. They covered vocals and drums respectively. Also in the band were Con (guitar/vox), Fiona (bass), and Mickey (guitar/vox). The Poke were a great band!

Recently, we were shocked and saddened to to hear that Mickey has got cancer. He’s going through treatment at the moment, and is keeping very positive. However, as you can imagine, this is a very challenging and costly time for Mickey, Fiona, and their two little kids Seamus (2) and Aoibhinn (6 months).

A ‘demo’ was recorded and released by The Poke in a very small quantity in 2002. It was called Eat, F*ck, Die, and it’s pretty damn good. It hasn’t been available anywhere since then, so we thought it’d be a nice idea to upload it to Bandcamp now, so folks can give a few bob and have a listen. All monies received will go straight to Mickey and Fiona’s PayPal to help out a small bit with their current situation.

Even if this isn’t your thing musically, we’d very much appreciate you sharing this post as far and wide as possible, we know that Mickey, Fiona and family will be so appreciative.

Available for streaming and purchase on a donation basis in the widget above.


Morning VeilsCork folk harbingers

What you may need to know…

01. The bearers of bad tidings sometimes do so with a slight grin, knowing well the nature of their predicament. So too do Leeside “forgotten folk” trio Morning Veils.

02. Emerging a few years back as an aside to its members’ main preoccupations, the trio is comprised of Elaine Howley (The Altered Hours/Crevice), Roslyn Steer (solo/Crevice/KantCope label/ex-Saint Yorda) and Aisling O’Riordan (Quarter Block Party festival).

03. Streaming above is the newly-released video for single Elusive Fruit, created, produced and directed by local performance artist Eilis Collins.

04. It’s taken from the band’s debut release, Her Kind, available for streaming and download from KantCope’s Bandcamp page. Cassette copies long sold out by now, of course.

Thoughts: Rarely seen in the wild, but always worth observing, Morning Veils’ reverby, shoegaze-leaning folk is a joy.

Morning Veils


The new single, from Irish singer-songwriter Susan O’Neill, alias SON.

A video, filmed live at Brooklyn Bridge, in an impromptu session.

Writes rock-journo veteran Olaf Tyaransen:

One of Hot Press magazine’s ‘Hot for 2017’ picks SON (aka Susan O’Neill) was in New York for some Propeller Palms shows this week. During an afternoon photo-shoot by the iconic Brooklyn Bridge on Friday, she decided to perform an impromptu acoustic version of ‘Only Animals’, one of the standout tracks from her acclaimed debut solo album, Found Myself Lost.

Reached over two-thousand views in under 24 hours on Facebook, no less.

Susan O’Neill


Sons PhoneticDéise hip-hop collective

What you may need to know…

01. Acting as both a name for their collective creative endeavours and an umbrella for their solo work, Waterford beats co-op Sons Phonetic is comprised of Rabiah “Mook” Zaruq (aka Nylon Primate), Sammy Dozens, Tommy Tyler, Ian Kav, Mouse Hughes and DJ/cutman Tom Dunne.

02. This past weekend, the collective’s first collaborative release since 2011 debut album Twelve Labours was released, entitled Deloreans.

03. The self-produced LP features cuts from UK skratchologist Moschops and Corkonian hip-hop godfather JusMe.

04. The album is streaming in the widget above, and available for download via their Bandcamp, along with several of the members’ solo releases.

Thoughts: Proper, boom-bap production and clinical, precision wordplay. Decent Irish hip-hop™, indeed.

Sons Phonetic


Outsider Y.P.conceptual hip-hop

What you may need to know…

01. He’s been a regular feature of these posts, and for good reason: the Cork-based artist formerly known as Young Phantom continues to set out his stall.

02. After throwing an album listening party at the Glucksman last weekend, Mark Mavambu announced his debut album “proper”, Alone/Insane/Alive would drop that night at midnight on Soundcloud and his website.

03. That LP is streaming above. A concept piece exploring isolation, masculinity and depression.

04. Due today on Spotify, Apple Music and the like if Soundcloud isn’t your bag. Expect live activity to follow.

Thoughts: It’s one thing for an artist to outline their ambitions as much as Mavambu has, and quite another to see that passion and grandeur being realised.

Outsider Y.P.


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