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Wastee‘bangdance’ sideproject

What you may need to know…

01. Veteran column readers may remember we covered Dublin electronic/glitch man Wastefellow last year upon releasing his debut E.P.

02. This past week saw his much harder-edged beats and pieces released under the name Wastee, in advance of a number of festival dates flitting between pseudonyms.

03. Streaming above is the project’s debut single, Cola, available now for download via ‘Dublin-via-Sweden imprint’ Lyxliv.

04. Wastefellow spreads his wings to the UK this summer, including Y Not Festival in July before Another Love Story in August.

Thoughts: Wastefellow’s trademark pop/glitchiness through a bassier, grimier, filter. Filth.



Any skins?

Broadsheet on the Telly streams LIVE above and on our YouTube channel at 11.45 tonight.

To celebrate 420, we will be having a chat about marijuana, reefer madness and the medicinal properties of the ‘erb.

We’ll also discuss nuns.

Spark up a fattie and join us and if you would like to take part in future shows please send short bio to

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The one that got away, the misspent youth, the late nights winding on. The thoughts of the late-stage twenty-something feeling that vim and vigour go past them. It’s the crux of single Let Go, by songwriter Final Boss of My Twenties.

Writes Danny Carroll:

Final Boss Of My Twenties is the well-chosen moniker of Simon Maguire. The twenty-eight year old Dubliner has been many things in his life – a gardener, barman, shelf-stacker and admin office drone – negotiating the precarious employment prospects of a philosophy graduate post global crash. Looking into his thirties and increasingly feeling his youth slip away, Maguire has now chosen to face his final boss – songwriting. Attending the BIMM School Of Music, Maguire honed his craft, arriving at a sound that evokes literate 80s crooners such as Julian Cope and Morrissey.

Video directed by Sean Gallagher, camera by Joe van Velzen.

Final Boss of My Twenties


I Draw SlowDublin Americana/roots

What you may need to know…

01. When not on the Irish touring grind for the past decade, Dubland five-piece I Draw Slow have been busy whittling away at modern Nashville, appearing regularly at folk & country fests across the States.

02. After thirteen Stateside tours, the band may have made their breakthrough, signing to Americana label Compass Records, joining Altan and Ron Sexsmith on the roster.

03. Streaming above is their new video, for single My Portion, filmed on Achill Island.

04. New album Turn Your Face to the Sun releases on May 12th, having been funded entirely through pre-orders. They launch the record at Whelan’s in Dublin on the 14th, and play Cork’s Cyprus Avenue on the 20th.

Thoughts: Harmony-laden contemporary roots music that never slips into well-trod genre schlock.

I Draw Slow


Field TripGalway garage-pop

What you may need to know…

01. Super-jangly garage-pop with C86 overtones are what Field Trip, a four-piece of Galwegian origin, is slinging.

02. Since forming in late 2015, the band has released a pair of singles and shared stages with lo-fi luminaries So Cow, Oh Boland, Land Lovers, and No Monster Club, among others.

03. Streaming above is the band’s most recent extended-player, Evening’s Over, released this past March via the band’s Bandcamp.

04. Catch them this Saturday for Record Store Day at The Record Spot/The R.A.G.E on Dublin’s Fade St., alongside a bunch of other bands and deejays.

Thoughts: Perfectly charming indie-laden pop with oodles of burnt-out atmosphere.

Field Trip


Bleak Stackhip-hop out of the West

What you may need to know…

01. Coming out of the country’s wild West, hip-hop duo Bleak Stack keep further details rather close to their chest, preferring instead to let their music speak.

02. Emerging last year with a number of A/V sets and live appearances in Dublin, Cork and Galway, the pair have been slowly gearing up for debut album Check or Fold.

03. Streaming above is the video for single When We’re Whole One Day, released last September via their YouTube channel.

04. Catch them this Saturday at Dublin’s Grand Social as part of a stellar line-up of Irish hip-hop that also includes Cork-based cutman T-Woc and Sligo boom-bappers This Side Up.

Thoughts: A dark horse running quietly amid the exponentially accelerating development of Irish beats ‘n’ pieces.

Bleak Stack


Ring in  Good Friday with Broadsheet on the Telly streaming Live above and on our YouTube channel at 11.45.

Subjects tackled will include Irish Water, RTÉ Bias, Mother and Baby Home redress and anything else you fancy (leave suggestions below).

On April 20 we are hosting a Reefer Special. If you would like to get involved in this and future shows please send short bio to marked ‘Broadsheet on the Telly’.

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Hot CopsBelfast indie/alternative

What you may need to know…

01. Washed-out, jaded Americana-esque alt-rock? Right this way, please, to Belfast poster boys Hot Cops.

02. They’ve been busy in the last year or so, with a pair of 7″ releases via Paper Trail Records, enroute to more touring and releases in 2017.

03. Streaming above is new single Dumbbo, with b-side Auto, available for download and on pink 7″ from their Bandcamp.

04. Catch them next in Cork on the 22nd of April, in a free show at the Crane Lane Theatre. 8.30pm, with support from fellow Northy noisemakers Junk Drawer. An Alliance Promotions™ production.

Thoughts: A contemporary, disengaged, wonderfully bleary-eyed take on the old slacker tropes.

Hot Cops





Other unpleasantness?

As part of our weekly contest for a crisp, freshly minted €25 voucher for Golden Discs, redeemable in any of thirteen locations around the country, we asked you to complete the following sentence:

‘The greatest ‘fupp you’ song in my experience would have to be__________________because_________________’

The competition was stiff.

But there can be only one winner…

Clampers Outside: with the clincher:

“The greatest ‘fupp you’ song in my experience would have to be Song For the Dumped by Ben Folds Five because the lyrics are brilliantly simple, real …and cutting with bitterness, and a tinge of humour. After all, no one wants to lose their favourite t-shirt in a break-up. Gotta love his priorities.”

Other contenders from the running:

Ivan: “Well, look, ordinarily I’m rather humble in my choices, and bow to other views but frankly there’s only one and so… the greatest ‘fupp you’ song in my experience would have to be Yes, by McAlmont & Butler because the lyrics, the voice, the swirling orchestra, the crunch of the guitars and production that Phil Spector himself would have called OTT”

Sham Bob: “The greatest ‘fupp you’ song in my experience would have to be Queen of Denmark by John Grant because of the way it builds up to a completely devastating crescendo of defiance. If you were the target of this wall of fupp you-itude, you’d hide under a rock for six months after hearing it.”

Me: “The greatest ‘fupp you’ song in my experience would have to be Dead Kennedys’ (version) of Take This Job and Shove it because who hasn’t wanted to shout that at our boss at some point?”

Kenny U-Vox Plank: The greatest ‘fupp you’ song in my experience would have to be Philo’s Ode to a Black Man because it’s it sticks it to Ireland and anyone who can’t deal with the fact we are a multi-ethnic society. And because he’s Irish.

Mourning Ireland: “The greatest “fupp you” song in my experience would have to be Fupp Me Pumps by Amy Winehouse because it’s Amy saying that talking a walk in someone else’s shoes is skanky.”

Pearl: “The greatest ‘fupp you’ song in my experience would have to be Untouchable Face by Ani DiFranco because it’s a hate song about love.”

Scundered: “Nirvana, Territorial P**sings, because I’m too depressed to finish this sentence.”

Thanks all.

Golden Discs


ROCSTRONGgenre-juggling pop from Dublin

What you may need to know…

01. South Dublin-based performer/songwriter/producer André Bangala, better known to the world as Rocstrong, has made his presence felt in Irish music as of late, featuring on The Thin Air’s 17 for 17 list, among other accolades.

02. Broadsheet Trailer Park regulars may recognise his tune Go Head: used by none other than the Coen Brothers on the trailer for 2015’s Hail Caesar.

03. Streaming above is debut extended-player Show Off What You Got, available for streaming and download from his Bandcamp. Meanwhile, brand-new single I Gotcha is streaming now on Spotify.

04. Catch him this Saturday night at the Civic Theatre in Tallaght, alongside upcoming hip-hop collectives Loud Motive and Craic Appeal.

Thoughts: Ably balancing accessibility with a number of musical reference points and influences, Rocstrong is a beguiling pop proposition.