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Justice Paul Carney

After his own leniency row.

[Justice Paul Carney] ordered that the man be registered as a sex offender and that a victim impact report be prepared for the sentencing hearing on December 1st, next.
…The judge initially remanded the man in custody until that date but agreed to release him on bail after hearing there was no objection from the prosecution….
The Rape Crisis Centre and the tabloids can go after the Director of Public Prosecutions and not me,” the judge commented…

Judge says DPP responsible for rapist released on bail (Irish Times)

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A daily greeting at Modisa Wildlife Project in Botswana between conservationist Valentin Gruener and Sirga – a lioness he rescued as an orphaned cub.

If mawkish thoughts of Christian the lion, inevitably engendered by this video are making you feel uncomfortable, here’s something a little more sobering.