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“This was a terrible tragedy, but sometimes these things just happen and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them,” said North Carolina resident Samuel Wipper, echoing sentiments expressed by tens of millions of individuals who reside in a nation where over half of the world’s deadliest mass shootings have occurred in the past 50 years and whose citizens are 20 times more likely to die of gun violence than those of other developed nations.”

‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens (The Onion)


Borussia Dortmund’s rather brilliant anti-Nazi promo. To wit:

We at BVB make our position unequivocally clear. We will not tolerate any far-right disposition in our stadium. Intimidation and discrimination have no place at our ground. Should anyone have the misguided belief that they can misuse our sport and Borussia Dortmund to spread their inhumane propaganda, then they should be in no doubt: The schwarzgelb family will stand firm against them! It is the only way we can rid our stadia of such attitudes. Nazis and football do not go together!



[Joan Burton, deputy leader of the Labour Party and Eamon Gilmore, former leader]

“They knew very well that they were destroying the Labour Party and with it the honourable social democratic tradition it represented. They decided to do it anyway.”

“…It has taken just three years for Sinn Féin to turn the logic of what Labour did in 2011 into stark electoral numbers. They are quite staggering: in 2011, Labour’s vote was twice Sinn Féin’s. In 2014, Sinn Féin’s was nearly three times Labour’s…”

From tragedy to farce: Labour’s big mistakes in 1918 and 2011 (Fintan O’Toole, Irish Times)

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At a Young Fine Gael photocall to “highlight the importance of making the right choice in next week’s European elections”.

From left: Fine Gael European Election Candidate Brian Hayes (left), Minister for European Affairs,Paschal Donohoe (far right), and members of Young Fine Gael Lucy O’Shea (left), and Maeve Glavey.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)



Ah here


H.R.Giger_ alien-h-r-gigerBng275nIIAEQTSI

Swiss surrealist artist H.R. Giger who designed the monster and revolutionary sci-fi sets for the film “Alien” has died, his museum said on Tuesday. He was 74. Giger, who was born Hans Rudolf in the eastern Swiss town of Chur in 1940, died on Monday in Zurich from injuries he obtained after suffering a fall, an employee of the H.R. Giger Museum said, confirming reports in Swiss media.

“Alien” artist, surrealist H.R. Giger dies aged 74 (Reuters)

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Early Saturday morning clutch-grabbing antics at Moll’s Gap, Diffin, Co Kerry ahead of the ‘Rally of the Lakes’ .

Among a swarm of petrol-headed, skid-marking, mini-Clarkson tykes bringing CHAOS to Killarney at the weekend.

*shakes fist*

Name that model anyone?

Boy racers cause chaos in tourist town of Killarney (