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The WHO, on the other hand, classifies radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (the type emitted by wifi routers and cellphones) as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” based on limited evidence associating cellphone use with an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer. “The conclusion means that there could be some risk,” Dr. Jonathan Samet, a medical professor at the University of Southern California and chair of the WHO panel that made the determination, explained in 2011, “and therefore we need to keep a close watch for a link between cell phones and cancer.”

And they’ve taken away all the public phoneboxes, Joe…

Scores of Scientists Raise Alarm About the Long-Term Health Effects of Cellphones (Mother Jones)

(image: National Cancer Institute)

The Moriarty Tribunal twitter feed. To wit:

Tweets on the Findings of The Moriarty Tribunal of Inquiry – established 31/10/1997 to investigate financial affairs of Michael Lowry and Charles Haughey

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In case you missed it (it’s been around since last year), behold one of many iterations of the El Risitas meme – based on this original video of Spanish comedy actor El Risitas (The Giggles) on a talkshow in 2007 relating a story about throwing pans into the sea during his earlier career working at a beach restaurant.

Multi-applicable infectious laughter for any occasion.

It is impossible to keep a straight face watching these.

Here’s one for the Nvidia 970 video card fiasco and another for the ridiculous American civil war game, The Order 1886.

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Luci McQuity Hindmarsh booked an ‘Elsa From Frozen Entertainer’ from London party entertainment agency AEIOU Parties Ltd for her daughter’s 5th birthday party.

She wasn’t happy.

Luci writes:

I think the photos say it all. She looked dreadful, like she’d left a rave at 6am. Apparently the Elsa outfit had been worn by another entertainer earlier that day and was wet with sweat. So, our entertainer decided to put the outfit on OVER THE TOP over her own clothes, which happened to be black. She didn’t even bother to put the costume shoes on and wore a pair of tatty black flat shoes. The dress came undone at the back, someone did it up for her, but it wouldn’t stay done up, so she left it to hang off. The wig didn’t fit her and she didn’t bother to put any make-up on.

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B3ta’s ‘ginger Führer’ Rob Manuel on how laughably easy it is to exploit social media, adding fake likes and followers for cash:

A simple search on eBay for “twitter followers” brought us to a website I’m going to slightly disguise because I don’t want to directly promote their services.These people offer all sorts of services, including buying 100,000 Twitter followers for the measly sum of £25. There’s also deals for Facebook, and Youtube, and promises that they’ll even get you traffic for Google Plus (coming soon).

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