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Walkers put up a tweet looking for selfies which gets auto-added to a Gary Lineker ad. Obviously this doesn’t go as expected….

.Four Five and a bit surely?

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George Llewellyn John is editor of The New Brit…where Caolan Robertson (see below) also works…


SJWs and Antifa at Ireland’s Women’s March struggle to answer basic questions (Coalon Robertson, RebelMedia)

Via Wikipedia:

Myers was born to an Irish emigrant family in Leicester, England…



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Rosario Dawson?


This afternoon.

Washington DC

George Soros-funded Anti-Donald Trump protestors take to the streets ahead of the US Presidential inauguration.

Any excuse.


Good times.

Nat King Coleslaw writes:

Pleasantly random selection of Irish TV Christmas moments from the 80s. Particularly fond of the drink-driving ad at 0:16 “Don’t drink and drive, but if you insist: not more than two”


9km/h fugitive Clare Daly TD

Have you seen this woman?

Do not approach her.

She’s upset the establishment.

Inspector Mel Smyth outlined that Deputy Daly, originally from Newbridge, has no previous convictions.

Defence Solicitor, Cairbre Finan, told the court that Deputy Daly is not present, but had come into court to instruct him to plead guilty on her behalf.

Judge Desmond Zaidan said: “She came into the court like everyone else, she saw how busy we were. A member of the Oireachtas came in and left, what kind of respect is that?.”

Judge Zaidan refused an adjournment and ordered a bench- warrant.

Ms Daly’s crime?

Driving 59 km/h in a 50 km/h area.

Good times.

Breaking: Judge in Naas Court orders warrant for arrest of Clare Daly TD (Kildare Now)

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Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 00.46.27

The downwash from a Royal Navy Merlin helicopter takes out row of portable toilets whilst lifting field guns during preparation for the Ten Tors, challenge Okehampton, Dartmoor.


Ireland 58 Italy 15 (RTÉ)