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Do you like indie docs?

Guth Gafa is an international documentary film festive in Malin Co Donegal on October 25 and 26 and thence to Kells, Co Meath on 1 and 2 November.

They say:

“Guth Gafa (meaning ‘captive voice’) is Ireland’s only independent documentary film festival. We focus on showcasing the latest award-winning International and Irish documentary films on thought-provoking subjects, and promoting the art of great story-telling, through film, to rural Irish communities.”

Guth Gafa Festival 


Siiting in for John Waters at the Irish Times today.

Gavin Duffy (above).

He’s not just a dragon.

Amazingly, our species is going to end up at a destination that was mapped out for us, thousands of years ago, in the scriptures of the world’s major faiths. Christians and Muslims called it Heaven, Buddhists called it Nirvana and Hindus named it Moksha.

You have got to ask yourself is this all one hell of a coincidence or one heavenly divine plan. So did God create us or did we create God? It actually may not matter because a consequence of having computing intelligence is that we would seek a god.

When our species acquired computing intelligence was that an act of God or an act of nature? A divine intervention or a freak of genetics? That is for each of us to decide.


We’re in.

Human consciousness was always going to require a god (Gavin Duffy, irish Times)

(Wanderley Massafelli/Photocall Ireland)

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Paddy Gilford, of the Irish Defence Forces Veterans’ Association, writes:

Peter Comerford who left the Defence Forces in 1971 and who servd in the 5th Infantry Battalion has died. No relatives can be found. Maybe somebody would have an hour to spare to attend the Mass tomorrow morning.
The Funeral Mass will be held in St Agnes’ church, Crumlin, Dublin, at 11.30am with cremation at Harolds Cross Cemetery at 1pm.
Hopefully somebody will have a bit of time to spare to honour a fallen comrade.


Irish Defence Forces Veterans’ Association (Facebook)

Element Pictures has been offered €1m from the BAI Sound and Vision Scheme to make a three-part RTÉ drama about former Taoiseach Charles J Haughey
‘Citizen Charlie’, a 3 x 90-minute historical drama has been offered 27 per cent of its €3.7m budget with the offer of €1m constituting the largest made in this round of funding.
‘Citizen Charlie’ is described as “a trilogy of 90-minute dramas charting the emergence of modern Ireland through the mesmeric figure of Charles J Haughey and his pursuit of power, wealth and glamour.”


But who should play him?

Charlie Haughey TV Drama Offered €1m in BAI Funding (

Portrait by John Kelly, currently hanging in Leinster House.

It’s no Limerick A Day but…

Irish Writer Julian Gough writes:

I was fascinated by Mitt Romney’s honest and thoughtful words in the recent video filmed at a $50,000-a-plate dinner for his donors. And I was sad to hear him say yesterday that he thought he could have expressed himself in a more elegant way. There is nothing more elegant than verse, and so I have taken the liberty of converting Mitt’s thoughts into a poem.

Feel free to set it to music; perhaps a simple, honest, country tune. (Now that I think about it, the last verse sounds like a chorus to me.) In fact do, what you like with it; I’m giving it as my gift to the world.


The Elegant President

It’s hard to be rich, ‘cause then poor people bitch ‘bout
Our houses, our cars, and our cruisers.
When I’m king, I won’t do a thing for the whiners
In diners; I don’t work for losers.

I love you because you just paid fifty grand for a plate
I wish there were more of you great guys to love in each state
Don’t worry, I won’t do a thing for the folk serving dinner
I’ll talk like they’re not even here, ‘cause I just talk to winners.

No representation without some taxation
That’s what the first tea party meant.
I’m the best man that money can buy for this nation;
The poor can’t afford presidents.

What we need is an elegant country for elegant folk.
Not fuckups in pickups with hiccups from drinking and dope
Who can’t afford healthcare, who can’t afford dinners like this
Those people aren’t drowning, they’re waving their communist fists. 

The president’s not there to help forty seven percent.
I don’t care if they starve, I don’t care if they can’t pay their rent
It’s their own fault for borrowing money from people like us.
Trying to own cars, when God meant them to travel by bus.

I’ll be an elegant president, there for the elegant few.
I’ll do what you pay me to do, because I’m one of you.
If Jesus had just paid some taxes, I’d represent him
But he didn’t, so fuck him, the loser can learn how to swim.

Julian Gough