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A short by Hungarian animator David Dell’Edera. To wit:

An old fella shows up from nowhere and shakes up the neighbourhood.


A promo for VICELAND’s 2018 Weed Week predicated on pareidolia – the mind’s propensity to see patterns where none exist – in this case, faces in inanimate objects.

Yes, we see them too,


An oddly pleasing if baffling short by Argentinian animator Pablo Alfieri. To wit:

…about the eternal & infinite feeling of being looped.


An award winning short created for Penguin Random House for their Vintage Classics Russians series, promoting one of six of the greatest works of Russian literature published for the centenary of the Russian Revolution: ‘Life and Fate’ by Vasily Grossman.


The nice people at Arch Model Studio in London explain the massive production challenge of creating over 800 individual stop motion characters for Wes Anderson’s (excellent) Isle Of Dogs.


A stop motion short by Kangmin Kim recounting the dark (and true) tale of a gruesome childhood rite of passage.

Here’s how the puppets were assembled.


Student animator Tomoki Misato’s Tokyo U graduation short, of which Google Translate reckons he sez:

Having forgotten exciting feelings of the early days of the relationship, the man drifts along petting his guinea pig. One day he meets a beauty of flower who appreciates the pet.

We’ve all been there.


An 8-bit animation by Dorkly shortening the franchise by putting one light saber to more effective use.