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Youtube educational channel Kurzgesagt explains why something as intangible and subjective as ‘beauty’ can make us feel so positive.

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An intense short by students of Arles-based animation school MoPA in which the denizens of a polluted underwater world have evolved in strange ways

And here’s how they made it.


Ailleurs (Somewhere) – a short by Mélody Boulissière in which a young man sets off to escape the digital overload of modern life.

A pleasing journey via paint-on-glass and montage, from frenzy to serenity.


A SXSW award-winning stop motion short by LA based animator Kangmin Kim telling the story of a father and son connected by identical birthmarks on their butts.


Justin Roilland struggles to deliver a straight line in the Pickle Rick episode of Rick and Morty.

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A graduation film by students AV-RON Maya, COMINOTTI Mylène, COUDERT Marion, DANO Sixtine of GOBELINS. A metaphor for climate change, to wit:

The House = the Earth, The Mother = Consumerism, The Father = the Consumer, The Grandfather = the Conservative Patriarch, the Young Son = Future Generations and the Daughter = the Citizen & Activist