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The bizarre and wonderful world of Soviet-era bus stops, captured (in the course of a 16,000 km round trip of Russia) by photographer Christopher Herwig in a follow up to a previously published homage. To wit:

A foreword by renowned architecture and culture critic Owen Hatherley, reveals new information on the origins of the Soviet bus stop. Examining the government policy that allowed these ‘small architectural forms’ to flourish, he explains how they reflected Soviet values, and how ultimately they remained – despite their incredible individuality – far-flung outposts of Soviet ideology.

Soviet Bus Stops Volume II (Christopher Herwig)


Images from Corner Symmetry – a series by Hungarian photographer, printmaker (and Wes Anderson fan) Zsolt Hlinka wherein iconic buildings of the Hungarian capital are manipulated via extreme two-point perspective to appear perfectly symmetrical when viewed from one corner.


The façade of Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway brought to life in a continuous motion feature conjoured from a single photograph by animator Ismael Sans-Pena, who sez of it:

The idea behind the film was to find the innate movement inherit in still forms. Every sculpture has movement in it, and it is the task of the animator to discover it. It was through the process of editing my imagery that I discovered that a single image would suffice to create the animation. The film was made by zooming into the image and panning row by row while making sure that different architectural motives aligned in every increment. This also gave a structure to the film.


The Elliptical House at Luz on the Portuguese coast, designed by Mário Martins Atelier – a series of overlapping ovals reflected in the glazed façade of the seaward wall, the curved pool and a cut-out in the cantilevered roof.


Tenkawa Fishing Cabin – cantilevered out of the grey bedrock at the edge of Mount Omine in Japan – a concrete cuboid with a liner layout (master bedroom, guestroom, kitchen, bathroom and living area) split by an internal plywood partition with spectacular views of the river at one end and the mountain at the other.


Conceptual art for a residence perched on a rural hillside in the Spanish region of Matarraña.

To wit, an inverted pyramid with an internal space defined by cantilevered platforms linked by stairways.