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More tightly controlled, symmetrical layouts by New Jersey based ‘object arranger’ Adam Hillman.

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Many Renaissance artists depicted babies (most often the baby Jesus) as miniaturised old men, possibly because they conceptualised childhood differently to how we do now. Judging by some 15th and 16th century works, it’s almost as if the painter never laid eyes on a baby.

More unsightly old chiselers at the Ugly Renaissance Babies Tumblr. Their motto:

The kids aren’t alright.


Wreck (2016) by Philadephia-based sculptor Jordan Griska, who sez of it:

Wreck is based on a computer-generated model of a luxury sedan, in a video game, which was manipulated to look like it was involved in a crash that resulted in a fatality. I crafted 12,000 individual pieces of mirror-finish stainless steel, over the course of almost two years, in order to transform that model into a full-sized three-dimensional monument. The perfect geometry and flawless materiality of the piece reflect the inspiration of idealized digital design, in stark contrast with the grimness of the reality it represents. Beauty, technology and engineering collide with death and reality.



Behold both incarnations of the LEGO Technic 2-in-1 Mack truck: a Mack Anthem semi plus self loading trailer or (using parts from the same set) a front loading dump truck.

You can’t have one for Christmas because it won’t be released until January 2018.

So stop asking.


Recent murals in London (corner of Brick Lane, pix 4-6) Germany and Italy by Spanish artist David de la ManoAhead of an upcoming show in London entitled ‘Adrift’ Hang Up Pictures sez of him;

In a world of those forced to flee, of poverty, of war and violence, David de la Mano paints his haunting figures as shadows looking for their place in the world. All united, they are travelling to a destination unknown. Boats with broken sails and women with animal heads drift without direction but are all linked by an uncertain journey.

More of de la Mano’s work here.


A three-hour self portrait (filmed in timelapse from behind a two-way mirror) in which implacably visaged Scottish artist and Preposterous lookalike Ewan McClure paints himself in reverse.


A mere taste of the hilarious, sometimes plain terrifying gifs of Paris-based Illustrator and animator Nicolas Monserrat

Most are too big to post here but you can (and should) see the full collection here.

We especially like this one.


The Where’s Wally-esque, Rube Goldberg-looking, Seussian sketchbooks and doodles of Swedish illustrator Mattias Adolfsson.


The stunning black and white photography of Instagram bothering Jason M. Peterson – chief creative officer for advertising company Havas North America

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