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An extensive (and doubtless expensive) array of architectural elements by ltalian artist Edoardo Tresoldi commissioned as part of a royal event in Abu Dhabi.

Constructed from wire mesh, lit from above and below to create the ghostly effect, the installation took Tresoldi three months to put in place with the help of Dubai-based Designlab Experience.

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The magnificent sand sculptures Of Toshihiko Hosaka (pic2), who’s been refining  his granular oeuvre for two decades. Aside from a hardening spray applied to protect the finished sculptures from erosion by the wind and sun, the only material he uses is sand.

Earlier this month, Hosaka’s three-days-in-the-making tribute to 16th century Japanese swordsman Musashi Miyamoto (top pic above) won first prize at the Furlong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival in Taiwan.


solar-egg-sauna-architecture-050517-1023-02solar-egg-sauna-architecture-050517-1023-01 solar-egg-sauna-architecture-050517-1023-03 solar-egg-sauna-architecture-050517-1023-04 solar-egg-sauna-architecture-050517-1023-05

The Solar Egg by Stockholm based design duo Bigert & Bergström – a steel egg plated with gold (reflecting the surrounding landscape of Kiruna in Sweden) with a wood-fired sauna inside. 

Made of 69 separate pieces and accessed by a folding golden stairway, the sauna egg is a  public art installation which can accommodate eight sweaty patrons at once.