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Oh, wait now.

Hyperrealistic ‘water-filled plastic bags’ formed from glass by artist Dylan Martinez. to wit:

To begin, Martinez sculpts the solid glass or “water” that appears within each bag. Next, he adds a blown bubble to the top which is then smoothed out before he begins to hand sculpt each fold and wrinkle. Once complete, the sculpture is placed in an annealing oven at 510° C and allowed to cool for 120 hours.


Pix 1,2: Behind the Merchant’s Quay centre, opposite the bus station, Cork city today.

Pix 3,4: Washington street, Cork.

(Thanks Anne Patricia)

The amazing can sculptures of artist Noah Deledda – each one hand-sanded then formed into intricate geometries using his fingertips.


Light Leaks: darkened rooms at galleries in Paris, Nantes  and LA filled with 50 disco balls illuminated by a sequence of timed, coloured lighting cues by Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan. To wit:

…hundreds of structured light scans to capture the volumetric position of every pixel being projected by each of the three projectors. The pair then used SketchUp to predict the reflected pixel positions.



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Meticulous paper cuts by San Fransisco based artist Kanako Abe created by Ise-katagami – the ancient Japanese technique of creating fine stencils for patterning kimono fabric. In this case, the paper is the finished product rather than a means to another end.


Miniature posable birds made from polymer clay, glass, jewellery wire, lambs wool/cotton and acrylic paint by Amsterdam based artist Katie Doka.


Madrid’s Plaza Mayor celebrates its 400th anniversary –  transformed by urban artist SpY into Cesped – a grass circle formed from 3,250m² of sod upon which 100,000 people lounged and strolled for four days last year..

View a time lapse video of the installation on the artist’s website.


New Moon (2014) – a photoseries by David Lados – dramatic long exposure light trails coursing through the forests of the Mátra mountain range in Hungary captured by the light of the new moon.