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Installations by LA based artist Mike Stilkey, who paints, pencils and lacquers directly onto stacks of worn-out library books otherwise destined for recycling.

His pieces range from assemblages of half a dozen covers to walls formed by thousands of layered spines, located in accommodating public spaces..


Random geometric patterns created by Greek visual designer Dimitris Ladopoulos.

Ladopoulos applies an algorithm within the 3D animation program Houdini, which splits rectangles vertically, then horizontally, forming gilded patterns that resemble circuit boards and abstract architectural landscapes. Sez he:

“The number of splits is randomly selected from a given max. The outcome is fed to the loop, again and again, depending on the number of user defined iterations. A seed value and slight alterations of the algorithm produce a variety of results.


Crepe paper sculptures by artist Roberto Benavidez based on the party piñatas common in his rural south Texas home but modelled on the whimsical grotesques that appear in the margins of the 14th century Luttrell Psalter.


A new work appeared  this week at Port Talbot in south Wales (one of the UK’s most polluted regions). Seasons greetings from Banksy.


The intricate, elegant cranes of origami artist Cristian Marianciuc, who perfected the artsy making one a day since 2015.

He’s since regulated the process, spending days rather than hours on designs that he posts here and sells here.


Scenes from this year’s Amsterdam Light Festival, featuring 29 light-based installations around the city’s canals and historic centre created by artists, designers and architects.

Above (from top): Gali May Lucas, “Absorbed by Light”; “Michela Bonzi, “Antenna Sud”; Peter Vink, “Mr. J.J. van der Veldebrug”; Jeroen Henneman, “Two Lamps”; OGE Group, “Light a Wish,”; Ivana Jelić & Pavle Petrović, “Starry Night” and Alicia Eggert, “All the Light You See”.


An addendum to yesterday’s post about the dollhouse furniture of Japanese miniaturist Kiyomi.

Namely, her insanely tiny model patisserie. 

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