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Using the vintage effect of blending colourful liquids and chemicals to simulate nebulae and galaxies (a technique employed in films like 2001: A Space Odyssey) Nicolas Arnol visualises ‘the uncharted territories of outer space’.


An original and rather excellent 2017 short by Lucas Leyva and Jillian Mayer that uses the traditional Japanese puppeteer theatre of bunraku to tell the story of two of the anonymous folk seen fleeing the gargantuan onslaught of Godzilla and friends in Japanese disaster movies.

To wit:

The first Mothra film to make it to Sundance. A day in the life of a Husband and a Wife, living in a world of giant monsters.


The ‘urban interventions’ of French artist Benedetto Bufalino: from cars transformed into pizza overs to mobile disco mixer trucks and aquarium mini-diggers.  Bufalino installs much of his work in public places, inviting unsuspecting passers-by to engage with it.

More here.


Tele Present Wind  by artist David Bowen currently on display at Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao, Spain.

To wit: 126 plant stalks attached to x/y tilting mechanisms moving in perfect synchronicity with a similar plant outdoors fitted with an accelerometer. 

Make of it what you will.


Sugar-coated robo-goodness by artist Eric Joyner.

From an exhibition at Corey Helford Gallery in LA  this month (if you’re passing).


The outstanding origami of the multitalented  Robby Kraft, who teaches coding to designers and artists at Parsons School of Art And Design in New York and the superbly named School For Poetic Computation.


The adorable liquid-eyed creations of Spanish artist Javier Calleja – exhibiting from next week at Galeria Yusto/Giner at Marbella, near the artist’s home town of Malaga.


ADA – a large inflatable ‘drawing tool’ created by Polish artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski.

To wit, a helium filled balloon studded with charcoal tipped spikes with which visitors had fun over the course of a week, marking up the white floor and walls of a room at Muffathalle in Berlin.