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Eighty² – a limited-edition fine art print by Scott Park

As distinct from his also excellent and previously mistakenly posted (apologies for the confusion) celebration of women in TV and movies  – Hall Of Heroes (below).


A 9 meter tall Dalmation balances a real taxi (a donated Toyota Prius sans engine but with working lights and windscreen wipers) on its nose in a new public art sculpture by Donald Lipski in New York, designed to welcome visitors to the Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital.

In fairness.


Ice pops fashioned from resin studded with hundreds of thousands of multi-coloured Swarovski crystals by Chicago based artist David Jacob.

Jacob’s work is currently on display at the Nonfinito Gallery in New York, if you’re passing.

More here.


A new Strandbeest creation by kinetic sculptor Theo Jansen – a solar powered walking machine that drags an undulating caterpillar-like frame along behind it.

Full screen to appreciate the beauty of the thing.


Typographic wordplay by British artist Pref: negative space, overlapping antonyms, words buried within words – a signature style he’s been exploring since 2010.

More of his work here.


The Darkest Colour – a photo series by self taught 23 year old Gabonese photographer Yannis Davy Guibinga. To wit:

The series is set in front of a matte black background and features two nude models whose skin has also been painted black. The works seek to unpack the negative aspects of the both the colour and its symbolism.

More of his work here.