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New Moon (2014) – a photoseries by David Lados – dramatic long exposure light trails coursing through the forests of the Mátra mountain range in Hungary captured by the light of the new moon.


The anthropomorphised pots of Clementine Keith-Roach.

Currently part of the Ladies Paradise exhibition at Grace Belgravia in London.

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The mesmerising monochrome poster art of illustrator Raj.


Graphite drawings and oil paintings by London based artist Miles Johnston.

Part of an upcoming solo show next month at Last Rites Gallery in New York, if you’re passing.


The art of hand-painted movie posters, prevalent in Ghana during the 80s and 90s when dilapidated movie halls, desperate to attract customers, maximised the allure of films by adding scenes and characters from their own imagination.

These days, originals regularly change hands for thousands of dollars.


Casting Couch: A pre-Oscars collaboration on Hollywood Boulevard by British street artist  Plastic Jesus and ‘Naked Trump’ artist Joshua “Ginger” Monroe.

Creepy ‘Casting Couch’ Statue Depicting Weinstein Appears Ahead of Oscars (NBC)

The giant wool and foam needle-felted masks of Pennsylvania-based British artist Paolo Del Toro – mythical faces with expressions varying from vacant serenity to horror, reminiscent of Japanese Noh theatre masks. Del Toro describes his work thus:

I try to find a place in my sculptures that unifies beauty and ugliness. That’s not to say finding somewhere in the middle, but rather finding the place where both coexist at the same time…