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Part of an underwater performance by British artist Sue Austin in her submersible wheelchair, customised with perspex fins and battery-powered propellors.

Part of a longer performance commissioned for the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, filmed in the waters off Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt by Norman Lomax.


The mesmerising shenanigans of a large spiral of cut aluminium manipulated by designer and fabricator Chaz Capobianco (who may just have invented the new Slinky).


Japanese dance crew XTRAP break out the LED gloves to show off their impressive finger-tutting skills.

And if you liked that, here’s an equally impressive solo performance.


Stephanie Pokomy wins Halloween with a crocheted luminescent Slimer costume created for her son.

In fairness.


An impressive/terrifying move-busting interlude by Boston Dynamics quadrubot Spot Mini.

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Nobody – not Batman, not Robin, neither their allies nor their nemeses – can resist the lure of the 1966 Batman theme tune or, indeed, the trap remix by RemixManiacs.

A short by Monster Truck Ninja.


Another superedit of dance scenes from movies: this time – 300 memorable sequences intercut by Casper Langbak.

Full list of movies here.

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A Music video for ‘War Dance’ by French electronic artist Thylacine, directed by Cyprien Clément-Delmas, featuring a cast including Ukrainian dancers Katerina Belyavskaya, Ivan Zamiga and a lusty pas de deux by two tanks.