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Behold: the Draper from Land Ark – a high end mobile home complete with boot room, kitchen, utility, full sized shower room, various cleverly integrated nooks, cubbies, benches, wardrobes and a cosy sleeping loft – all finished in whitewashed pine. There’s also a fold-out hardwood deck accessed through sliding patio doors.

Yours for just over €128,000 (+ shipping).

Yes it does look like bit like a Jawa Sandcrawler.


The surreal jigsaw mashups of Tim Klein, who takes advantage of the fact that manufacturers typically use the same cut patterns to make many different puzzles.


Behold: the 1972 BMW 3.0 CSL Coupe – effectively a homologation special version of the E9, stripped of all excess weight to enhance speed.

One of only 500 right hand drive models (out of a total of 1265 built) and dating to the first year of production, this 45 year old, Concours restoration in Tiaga green might even be the finest surviving example.

Yours for €205,500.


Behold: the 1987 Porsche 930 Slantnose – essentially a 911 Turbo made more aerodynamic (and capable of a top speed of 275 km/h) with the pointy front end of the 1979 Le Mans winning 935 racer.

One of only 948 built over eight years (during which time it was the fastest German production car), this immaculately preserved model is currently accepting bids (most likely north of €100,000).


A spectacular ‘lava flow’ descending from an abandoned building in the Catalonian town of Olot composed of 10,000 fortune teller origami polygons.

Lit from below and wreathed in fumes from smoke machines, the installation – created for the LLUÈRNIA festival of light and fire by David Oliva of SP25 Arquitectura and Anna Juncà of Atelier 4 –  takes its cue from the dormant volcanos that surround the town.


In the debut episode of the Wired Masterminds season, Jonna Mendez, former Head of Disguise at the CIA (an epic job title, in fairness), explains how masquerade is used in espionage. To wit:

With women, you have a broader range of what you can do. You also have one extra step: you can turn a woman into a man. I would mention that it’s almost impossible to turn a man into a woman. What we do is always additive — we can make you taller, we can make you heavier, we can make you older — we can’t go the other direction. You want to be the person that gets on the elevator and then gets off and nobody even remembers that you were really there. That is a design goal at the disguise labs at CIA.


Behold: an extremely well preserved Mk.1 1964 Shelby 289 Cobra roadster – lighter and more refined than the (Mk.III) 427.

Originally bought new by architect and racing driver Henry Hartwell Hester for $6,700 (the modern of about $54,000/€47,500).

Currently accepting considerably higher bids at Sothebys.


The Astro Elroy – a single seater semi-autonomous passenger drone capable of 71km/h and 25 minutes of flight time carrying up to 116kg.

Although it has onboard controls for emergency manual override, the idea is that the passenger enters their chosen destination and the drone does the rest.