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In 1965, Ford made six prototypes of the GT40 – all open-roofed. Five were subsequently converted into hard tops but this one – the first of the six –  once driven by Formula One legend Jim Clark, was left in its original configuration.

The unique roadster can be yours, for an undisclosed but presumably gigantic sum of money.


Leave the modern world behind and marvel at the canny woodcraft of the Primitive Technology channel, a chap in Queensland who makes all manner of ingenious devices in the wild using only natural materials – in this case, a monjolo, or water-powered hammer traditionally used to pound grain to flour or crush clay for porcelain.

More here.


A really rather excellent sixth scale representation of Peter Cushing’s Star Wars character from A New Hope, digitally reprised in Rogue One (complete with high backed chair and three interchangeable sets of hands).

€200 from action figure supremos Hot Toys.

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