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The balloon-twisting witchcraft of Masayoshi Matsumoto – each one between three and six squeaky hours in the making.


Behold the all electric Volvo Vera Autonomous Transport – a conceptual but entirely likely vision of the future of driverless, cloud-controlled, short-haul transport vehicles.

Also, it’s how Skynet will distribute Terminator components.


John P. Muldoon asks:

My daughter picked up this tea with ginger and other stuff in America. It sounds awful but the packaging looked familiar. It is made in Poland and they also sing the praises of their triangular teabag. Coincidence?


An impressive construction by block geek Shadow Elenter, to wit: 

A LEGO technic bomb squad robot built with six S Bricks, 19 motors, a laser, lights and an electromagnet.

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‘Softbody Tetris’ – an ongoing Cinema 4D project by C4D4U.

Who else suddenly wants to eat jelly straight from the packet?


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#UrsFischerPLAY: Conceived by Urs Fischer with choreography by Madeline Hollander, "PLAY" is now open to the public! You have until October 13 to check out this interactive exhibition at Gagosian West 21st Street, New York. • At the intersection of sculpture, behavior, and choreography, "PLAY" is an arena of chance encounters where visitors are invited to interact with nine office chairs. The more the viewer seeks to control the chairs, the clearer it becomes that they are not pawns or pets but participants. By attempting to understand the choreography, we actually create it, enacting the very patterns that we wish to decode. ___________ #UrsFischer #GagosianW21St #Gagosian "Urs Fischer: PLAY" at Gagosian West 21st Street, New York © Urs Fischer

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Urs Fischer

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PLAY – an installation by Swiss artist Urs Fisher at Gagosian Gallery in New York: nine autonomous office chairs pre-programmed with choreography devised by artist Madeline Hollander swirl, swivel and interact with one another, sensing and avoiding visitors, who are free to walk among the herd.

When the chairs run low on power, they dock automatically with a machine inside the gallery which replaces the battery and processor housed inside each seat.


Behold: the LY 650 – a 20m yacht from Toyota’s luxury division, echoing the curves and styling cues of various Lexus models.

The vessels – powered by twin marine versions of the 5.0l V8 Lexus engine – will be built, sold and serviced by Marquis-Larson Group from 2019

Pricing and full specs to be announced.