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Choice imprints from the ongoing submission gallery at #brexitstamps in the wake of MP Andrea Leadsom’s call for the Royal Mail to issue a postage stamp commemorating Brexit.


The evolution of the iconic National Geographic front cover, from the foundation of the magazine in 1888 to the present day


Behold: the Airforce by superbly named UK custom bike maker Death Machines Of London – a one-off, heavily modified early 80s Moto Guzzi Le Mans Mk II.

A tribute to Moto Guzzi co-founder Giovanni Ravelli, everything bar the forks and frame of the donor bike has been custom made from hand-beaten aluminium with one-off shifter and brake lever designs, with closely adherence to a ‘What would Giovanni do?’ sensibility.


No ordinary 1968 Ford Mustang, rather, one of two fastbacks driven by Steve McQueen in Peter Yates’ ultra stylish Bullitt (1968).

This is the ‘hero’ car (the battle-scarred stunt double has since disappeared, having been sold to a salvage yard after filming).

Formerly believed to have been lost (or, worse still, scrapped like its stunt double), it’s actually belonged to the same New Jersey family since 1974 and was unveiled this week at the 2018 Detroit Motor Show, close to the 50th anniversary of the cinematic car chase that sealed its reputation.

Yours for between €2.5 and €4.0 million. Were it for sale. Which it’s not.

Meanwhile, less interestingly, Ford has announced a Bullitt-themed 2019 Mustang.

MORE: Steve McQueen’s “Lost” Bullitt Mustang Is Unveiled (Vanity Fair)

The Chevrolet Genovation GXE Electric Supercar – based on the Corvette ZR1 but with the supercharged V8 petrol engine replaced by an all-electric 800bhp powertrain capable of an electric land speed record-breaking 354km/h.

Only 75 will be made but one could be yours for an as-yet unspecified sum of money


A modified 1966 Shelby GT350H Fastback which has the unique distinction of having been purchased from its second owner and driven by legendary designer Carroll Shelby himself.

Yours for between €130,000 and €170,000.