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The dizzying bas relief sculptures of artist Hadieh Shafie – each one composed of concentric circles of hand dyed, hand rolled paper, some flat, others protruding in spikes, edged with calligraphy or half submerged in dark dye to create the illusion of shadow.

More of here work here.


Behold: the MicroLino – a super compact electric vehicle inspired by the BMW Isetta, Heinkel Kabine and other ‘bubble-cars’ of the 1950s and 60s.

2.4m long with an adorable maximum speed of 56mph and a max 202km range, the Microlina is smaller than a smart car, cuter than a bug’s ear and fully approved for use on European roads.

Available to buy next year (initially in Switzerland and Germany only) for around €12,000.


Behold: the E2 Electric Motorcycle – a radical design from Finnish startup RMK.

Instead of a traditional drivetrain, the bike (which oficially debuts next year at the MP 19 Motorcycle Show in Helsinki) features an electric motor mounted in the rear hub suspended by a single-sided swingarm and monoshock.

Yours for around £25,000.


A tiny pogo-jumping bot created by UC Berkeley’s Biomimetic Millisystems Lab.

Salto 1-P (an acronym for saltatorial locomotion on terrain obstacles) is designed to mimic the saltatorial (jumping) locomotion of animals like kangaroos and rabbits.


Behold the Dendrobium D-1 – a rakish electric hypercar with a proprietary motor and battery delivering an astounding 1800bhp.

The D-1 will be unveiled to the public at next month’s Salon Privé, price TBA.


Marvellous, antiquated, over-elaborate contraptions sculpted from cardboard, timber and tearing paper by Australian artist Daniel Agdag.

All the pieces feature in an upcoming stop-motion short entitled Lost Property Office.

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Scenes from last Thursday’s maiden flight of Airbus’s new jumbo freighter – the Beluga XL – a jumbo freighter designed to ferry large sections of Airbus planes (up to 125 tonnes) to and from the company’s assembly plants in France and Germany.

The Beluga XL (the first of five such planes but not the first Airbus sky whale) now faces ten months of testing before going into commission.


Behold: an extremely well preserved 1985 Lancia Delta S4 Stradale Coupe – one of 46 remaining examples of a lightweight, 1.8l, all-wheel drive, turbo and supercharger-equipped chunk of auto-angularity designed solely to win the fractious Group B World Rally Championship, which it did in 1986 before being banned from competition by the FIA.


Price on request.


A very impressive LEGO Mindstorms bridge-building rig constructed back in 2012 by (presumably off-duty but you’d never know) boffins at the Oslo And Akershus University Of Applied Science.