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Behold: the Shaman: a Russian 8×8 ATV with space for one driver and eight passengers.

Seats and benches convert into bunks; independently suspended wheels and low pressure tyres smooth out jagged terrain and 45° slopes while a boat shaped hull, integrated propellor and high performance water pumps allow for amphibious travel.

Yours for around 12.4 million roubles (€200,000)


Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 23.45.44 Manhattan-entry-wayManhattan-2nd-divan Manhattan-window-view Manhattan-seating-divanManhattan-Cut-Out

Behold the pinstriped opulence of the Embraer Manhattan Private Jet: an Art Deco symphony of mahogany, brass and gold trim: yours for a trifling $80 million.

The interior includes the ‘Cloud Club’ lounge with its bar and panoramic window, the ‘Crystal Room’ where six guests can sit for dinner and a well-appointed main cabin with space for up to nineteen passengers.