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An unashamed pie-in-the-sky homage to the 1934 Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic (top pic) by designer Arthur B. Nustas, who calls this elongated Cruella deVil style roadster concept the Type 57T.

 Nustas has sixteen years to talk his way into the Bugatti boardroom before the centenary of the Type 57.

It could happen.


An actual thing made from wool and leather that apparently exists and is available for grownups to purchase. 

Lavolta Carrying Case Bag for 27-inch Apple iMacs (€62 +P&P)


Constructed from lightweight carbon fibre and featuring a ‘centre hub’ steering mechanism borrowed from motorcycle technology, the Furia Concept Bicycle, designed by Francesco Manocchio, won this ADI Eccellenze del Design nel Lazio industrial design award.

Unlike the (almost certain to be produced) real thing, this 1:1 scale prototype was 3D printed.


Huge sandal-looking ‘sneaker protectors’ by Sankuanz designer Shangguan Zhe, recently debuted at Paris Men’s Fashion Week.

You know you want them.


An impressively imagined construction time-lapse of the galaxy’s most infamous planet-killer by Isaac and Benjamin Botkin.


A fully restored 1983 Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

First introduced in 1977, this later, factory-modified Thatcher-era model features wider factory BBS wheels and wheel arches and a rare 5-speed ZF manual transmission.

Yours for a Reaganomical €250,000.


With the 20th anniversary of The Matrix coming up next year, you’ll obviously be keen to decide a suitable pose for the one-sixth scale Neo you’ll shortly be purchasing from Hot Toys.

33cm tall, it comes kitted out with The One’s signature black outfit, four pairs of hands and ten guns.


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‘Projection Wall’ by Japanese artist Rintaro Hara – an installation that invites visitors to raise a rope grid from a soapy trough into the path of eight motorised fans with a set of pulleys, generating prismatic bubble sculptures.

Who’d say no to that?

A similar work in 1998 by the same artist entitled ‘Soap Opera’ was inspired by the watery aliens in James Cameron’s The Abyss.


An immaculately restored 1965 Ferrari 275GTB Alloy – an ultralight racer in whose day the radical combination of independent rear suspension and a rear-mounted transaxle combined to deliver the very apogee of balance and handling.

Yours for a trifling €2,400,000 to €2,800,000.