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Make it harder with this chess board made from 64 varied height (1cm – 7cm) plastic cubes on a backlit lightbox with minimalist geometric pieces by Architect Michael Bidner and designer Elke Adam-Bidner.

Yours for €990.


The Porsche 933 – last of the air cooled 911s – bespoken to the Germanic max in Guther Werks’ 400bhp limited edition (25 will be made) 933 400R.

Yours for €442,000.


Before Ferruccio Lamborghini built supercars, he built tractors. Lamborghini Trattori still builds farm machinery emblazoned with the same raging bull emblem as their iconic roadster cousins.

Behold, then: the 2 cylinder 18bhp, 1960 DL20 2241R, part of the smaller scale Lamborghinetta range – Ferruccio’s personal favourite.

Yours for around €37,600.


The wanton escaliers of Munich based photographer and self-proclaimed staircase obsessive Christian Theile.

Phwooarr, etc.


Behold the Numarine 26XP – the GTi of expedition yachts or, perhaps, the Z4 of recreational trawlers: it’s hard to say. 26 meters long and powered by two 1550hp diesel engines, it can reach a top speed of 28 knots (cruising at 18) and is designed to berth at harbours too small to accommodate the bulkier barques of fellow plutocrats.

A luxurious interior includes 4 guest cabins (2 VIP), a master suite, various lounging and dining areas and a ‘wet bar’ beneath the enormous flying bridge.


Sisyphus – a record breaking Kickstarter funded kinetic table consisting of a lit bed of sand upon which a magnetised steel marble traces programmable mandalas, random geometries or custom messages.

The tables are available to pre-order in a variety of finishes in metal (starting from around €1,100) and wood (from €6,200).


The 1980 BMW M1 Coupe – the company’s first mid engined car. Constructed by Lamborghini and designed as a final challenge to all-conquering national rival Porsche in FIA Group 5 racing, only 453 of these Modena/Stuttgart hybrids were ever made.

This all-original, regularly serviced, immaculately maintained rarity can be yours for €540,000+.


The Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury SUV – an all electric (750bhp with a 310km range) concept that will almost certainly make it to production.

Currently launching at Auto China 2018, the silhouette trades the regular SUV hatchback for a sedan-like notch and split rear window.

Inside, perched on white leather upholstery with rose gold accents, well-heeled rear seat passengers can enjoy tea or coffee from the central console.

Or in their lap, on certain stretches of Cavan/North Meath.


Oh, wait now.

Hyperrealistic ‘water-filled plastic bags’ formed from glass by artist Dylan Martinez. to wit:

To begin, Martinez sculpts the solid glass or “water” that appears within each bag. Next, he adds a blown bubble to the top which is then smoothed out before he begins to hand sculpt each fold and wrinkle. Once complete, the sculpture is placed in an annealing oven at 510° C and allowed to cool for 120 hours.