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Cinefix’s entirely subjective choice of ten iconic edited sequences that changed the art of filmmaking. To wit:

Skilled editing is as effective in the creation of a good film as a writer, director, or performer. Though often overlooked, editing brings shots together to make a whole greater than the sum of its parts. These ten movies are a fantastic illustration of just how important editing can be.


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Rachel writes:

Not sure if you guys know about the KinoD International Kabaret happening this week in Dublin. It’s all about making films fast, with loads of really nice randomers. Here’s the one I did in 36 hours over the weekend.

Perhaps some of your readers and/or Michael Bolton fans might like it.

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Just some of the lovely dioramas based on The Princess Bride built for Brickworld 2014 as a part of the ChiLUG+ImpLUG+Friends collaboration consisting of builders Philip Bernston, Daniel ChurchCasey McCoy , Ben M MerrillLee MuzzyMatthew OhMax PointnerIan Spacek, and Paul Vermeesch.

The Princess Bride recreated in LEGO by team of builders at Brickworld (The Brothers Brick)