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After the teaser trailer for the upcoming Avergers 2: Age of Ultron leaked yesterday, Marvel PR drones handled it fabulously and released the official version early.

Release Date: Summer 2015

The-Incredulity-of-St-Thomas-1000-color-adjust The-Incredulity-of-St-Thomas-detail-color-adjust-1000L_03 WandererL_02 Supper at EmmausL_06 Oath of the HoratiiL_07 The LamentationScreen Shot 2014-10-22 at 14.41.30
From artist Joe Forkan’s ‘series…

‘…of paintings and drawings exploring layered narratives, using masterpieces of Western art and the Coen Brother’s film The Big Lebowski as a starting point.’

Now that’s an artist’s statement.

Above: paintings based on The Incredulity of St Thomas (Caravaggio, 1602) (1,2); Wanderer Above the Sea Of Fog (Caspar David Friedrich, 1818); Supper at Emmaus (Caravaggio, 1601); Oath of The Horatii (Jacques-Louis David, 1784); The Lamentation (Peter Paul Rubens, 1614) and Portrait of Pablo de Valladolid (Diego Velázquez, 1637).

Original artworks here.



Jessica writes:

We’re very excited to have the director, Jolynn Minnaar, attending the DCU screening of Unearthed this Thursday as part of the 8×8 Festival.

Jolynn has had quite a few successes this year on the foot of her award-winning documentary.
There are still some [free] tickets available for the DCU event if people were interested in attending.

Jolynn will also partake in a post-screening Q&A in UCC next Tuesday, and a few other screenings around the country (Carrick on Shannon on Friday, Belfast on Saturday, Fermanagh on Sunday, Sligo on Monday).

Looks like good fraic, in fairness.

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A clip of the forthcoming short ‘Rockmount’ which will be shown at the Cork Film Festival.

Rockmount tells the story of an 11 year-old Roy Keane and his schoolboy football days with the team of the same name.

It’s already won at the Galway Film Fleadh.

Directed by Dave Tynan, who you may know from Just Saying.

Contains NSFW language (what did you expect like?)

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Just Selling


A prank after breakfast time?

Oh go on then.

Conor writes:

With Halloween and the Jameson Cult Film Club screening of Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) just around the corner, we just had to bring a little horror into the lives of some unsuspecting Jameson fans…

Jameson Cult Film Club


No cash, favours, drams, etc  were given for this post although Jameson do advertise with us.