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He’s back.

Video editor, remix artist  Steve Collender (previously) writes:

The final X-Men movie is coming out next month. As a tribute to the franchise I’ve combined all of the X-Men movies into one epic music video (I left out X-Men 3 because it was the only bad one…).

The video features over 30 X-Men characters spanning 15 years in 3 minutes, with the action syncing up to the song Capital M-E by Taking Back Sunday.



The ’00s emo outfit in question show their love.

Steve Collender

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A video essay from filmmaker Stephen Murphy, to wit:

… bad films can be as influential as good ones. This episode focuses on The Phantom Menace, a film that is particularly influential and particularly bad. Modern blockbuster culture started in 1999 when George Lucas released his prequel into the world and cinema changed forever…

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