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Two Irish Mammies tweets:

you might be interested in this film review I saw on Netflix. I wrote a very short rushed piece about it

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A love story told in reverse in a visually stunning GGI short shot entirely in a small green screen studio by commercial directors and brothers, Andrew and Remy Neymarc.


Video editor Jorge Luengo Ruiz assembles some outstanding examples of director Steven Spielberg’s masterful use of background lighting.


An impressively imagined construction time-lapse of the galaxy’s most infamous planet-killer by Isaac and Benjamin Botkin.


With the 20th anniversary of The Matrix coming up next year, you’ll obviously be keen to decide a suitable pose for the one-sixth scale Neo you’ll shortly be purchasing from Hot Toys.

33cm tall, it comes kitted out with The One’s signature black outfit, four pairs of hands and ten guns.


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Using a scene from Stephen Spielberg’s Munich (2005), Evan ‘the Nerdwriter’ Puschak showcases the contribution of sound design to the tension and mood of a film.

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