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2001-bedroom-replica-02 2001-bedroom-replica-03

Does this room look familiar?

Part of a much larger art project called the 14th Factory in Los Angeles’ Lincoln Heights district, this is a faithful recreation of the bedroom from 2001: A Space Odyssey by artist Simon Birch and architect Paul Kember, whose uncle and great uncle were draughtsmen on Stanley Kubrick’s movie and worked on the original set.

Part of the attraction appears to be that visitors can interact with the room, sit on the chairs and lie on the bed, which is a rare treat for Kubrick fans as the director was notoriously obsessed with destroying all props and sets once he’d used them.


Dorothy 0033 - Film Map 2017 A3 - Web Dorothy 0033 - Film Map 2017 F1 - Web Dorothy 0033 - Film Map 2017 D - Web Dorothy 0033 - Film Map 2017 C - Web

A 2017 update of Liverpool-based Dorothy Collective’s map of 900 film titles. to wit:

The Map, which is loosely based on the style of a vintage Los Angeles street map has its own Hollywood Boulevard and includes districts dedicated to Hitchcock and Cult British Horror movies. Like most cities it also has its own Red Light area. There’s an A-Z key at the base of the Map listing all the films featured with their release dates and names of the directors.

Available as a 60x80cm print for £25 (+p&p)


Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 23.17.02

Sploid’s Rhett Jones sez:

Robert Zemeckis has been hit or miss for almost two decades. But in the eighties, he was on fire. Along with Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit is just one of those movies that remains great no matter how many years pass and its technical achievements are still a marvel. But why does it work so well?


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Images from Movies R Fun by Pixar artist Josh Cooley, who worked on The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Inside Out and will co-direct Toy Story 4.

Cooley’s picture book (originally clocked by our Karl back in 2012 and subsequently published in 2014) features classic scenes from R-rated movies.

You know, for kids.