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The final installment of editor Jacob T. Swinney’s rather fine four part series on the  Tao of The Quent. To wit:

Out of all of the trademarks that define Tarantino’s style, the filmmaker may be most recognized for his gratuitous use of blood and violence. The excessive bloodshed often seems to serve as a tribute of sorts to a style or genre of filmmaking (Japanese cinema, Westerns, etc.), but according to Mr. Tarantino himself, he indulges in the red liquid simply because “it’s so much fun” (see end of video). Here is a look at some of Quentin Tarantino’s bloodiest moments.

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What you may need to know

1. Remember when a new Bobby De Niro movie was a deal?

2. Not to be confused with The Internship (2013).

3. We can’t believe that Heat (1995) is already 20 years old. Next year, Taxi Driver (1976) turns 40.

4. ‘From the writer and director of Something’s Gotta Give (2003) and It’s Complicated (2009).’ Words to chill the blood.

5. We keep waiting (in vain) for Anne Hathaway to get her Miley Cyrus on.

6. We eagerly anticipate Dirty Grandpa, Bobby’s forthcoming buddy flick with Zac Efron. No, we’re not making it up.

7. Broadsheet Prognosis: watch Midnight Run (1988) instead.

Release Date: September

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Eamonn Crudden of DKIT writes:

This is a 15 minute sci-fi film set on an Irish farm in the near future where the robots are slowly but surely taking over. It was made by some of my students   2 years ago and has just been released ‘into the wild’. I think your audience would get a buzz out of it.

Directed by Eoin O’Meachair. Produced by Jamie Smith. Written and edited by Ciaran Cumiskey. Cinematography by Eric Scott. 1st AD Michael Doran. Starring Desmond Daly, Colm Deans, Nic Cargin, David Sheahan and Blaithnaid Ryan.