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Wired invites four sound designers to explore the psychoacoustics of vintage video games. To wit:

As the games got more complex, so did the audio, and the theories behind it. A loop, or short, repeated section of audio, acts as a recurring cue. Dissonant sounds communicate failure, while consonant ones—think of the sympathetic vibrations of Super Mario Bros.—encourage players to continue. The tones can even mimic human sounds—a modulating synthesizer approximates laughter, like the “wawawawawa” in Duck Hunt.


small_twd_monopoly1 small_twd_monopoly2 small_twd_monopoly4

The Walking Dead Monopoly (Survival Edition) – €40 (+p&p) from USApoly. To wit:

All the wheeling and dealing of the original game remains, but any form of currency is about as useless as Monopoly money in this wretched environment. So you now negotiate with firearms, ammunition, first aid kits, whatever resources you can muster to survive. The dog, the shoe, the top hat. All gone. Sadly destroyed in the early days of the outbreak. These standard Monopoly pieces have been given a unique twist to fit the world of Robert Kirkman’s gory graphic novel. With a katana, a bucketful of human giblets and ‘Lucille’ (a baseball bat exquisitely wrapped in barbed wire) all making an appearance.



Announced this morning at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

Super Retro Boy.

A clone of the Nintendo classics, that plays all your Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games, with a new HD screen, ten hours’ battery life and a bundled cartridge of new games for the classic handheld machine.

Available this August via retro hardware lads Retro Bit.