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A guy on Whatsapp writes:

If you go to Google translate EN>DE page and type in “a bad day for Europe” it outputs “a good day for Europe” in German. Not sure if its an AI source material scanning mistake or an easter egg from a rogue Google coder but it’s pretty odd – any other “a bad day for…” sentence gives the right translation.


Thanks Derek

Google Translate


The original NeXT browser

20 years ago TODAY, CERN released the technology needed to run the WorldWideWeb freely available.

With this simple altruistic act, the information-based revolution began spawning entire industries that were not even conceived of even a few years previously.

By late 1993 there were 500 websites.

Today there’s somewhere in the region of 630 million.

Without this project spinning out of CERN, we would probably still prefer dogs and maybe look at things a little bit differently.

If you’re of a technical bent, you could even try and get the first web browser up and running (aside: it’s written in Objective-C which is used to write the vast majority of iOS apps).

H/T to Steven Troughton-Smith for the browser link

The first website