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A composite image taken last October by Johannes Holzer at the Isar river in southern Germany. The image was achieved using two cameras shooting three photos from roughly the same perspective, which were then stitched. To wit:

..[the] sky with a Sony A7r and Vixen Polarie Startracker, one additional shot for the landscape without [a] Startracker, [and] underwater was done with a Canon 5Dm2 with an EWA Underwater case.


1-158 2-158 3-154 4-154

Images of the rings of Saturn pix 1,2: (outer (B) ring, pix 1,2; inner (A) ring, pic 3 and a detail of a density wave, pic 4) taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, now in the midst of its ‘ring grazing’ phase as it moves in to study the outer and inner disks of orbiting ice and rock.

These images are twice the resolution of anything previously achievable and allow objects as small as 550m (about the height of the CN Tower in Toronto) to be discerned.

Full resolution photos here.

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17529628825_2752d180e5_b 24071351593_e62c9b4ca9_b 27919366306_7cc75acdf7_h Bee-Balm-4-Small Blue-Ice-Plant-Flower-4-Small Dandelion-Top-2-small Fluffy-Flower-Cluster-Small Kangaroos-Paw-Flower-4-Small

Images of flowers taken by photographer Craig Burrows using a relatively unknown process known as UVIVF (ultra violet induced visible fluorescence).

Burrows illuminates the flowers with a high intensity LED filtered to transmit only UV and infrared which the plants absorb, releasing visible light in the form of vivid colours not perceptible under normal viewing conditions.

More of his work here.