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Further to the story of Direct Provision resident “Jane”, whose case was aired on RTÉ Radio One’s Liveline yesterday.

Jane who, after asking for more food while breastfeeding her three-month-old child,, was evicted from Mosney, given two days’ notice to move accommodation in a “bed management” letter (above)  that made no mention of her two children.

Mark Malone writes:

The Reception and Intergration Agency (RIA) does not outline any specific rationale, or detail any of the particulars why ‘accommodation arrangements’ needed to be reviewed in the first place. Nor does it outline what the process of review involved. Its a defacto decree with no means to official appeal.

It begs the question why was Jane was not given ANY information that might offer ANY grounds for understanding the basis of RIA intended eviction?

It might be dressed up in a sterile language less damaging to the sensitivities of Killian and other RIA bureaucrats. Who would lose sleep writing letters to evict people seeking refuge in Ireland were its just about “bed management”?

Yet it remains unmistakeable. What we are reading – and what this letter is – is the exercise of arbitrary power over a family without the slightest attempt of providing any meaningful justification. It is the text book definition of authoritarianism.

Meanwhile, this incident is merely the tip of the iceberg…

Former workers employed in direct provision centre spoke about persistent system degrading treatment on a daily basis. Of making people queue and beg for rationed toilet rolls. Of other employees refusing to give toiletries to individual adults, arguing one bottle of shower gel between three people in a room is sufficient.

Petty violence after petty violence, micro aggressions from management and employees as a tool of social control against people denied the basic anatomy to work for themselves and their families. Processes which cause genuine emotional tramas, depression and in some cases suicide.

RIA, Direct Provision and State Violence (Soundmigration)





This morning.

Corrigan’s Londis store, Kilmuckridge, County Wexford.

Posts Anti-Eviction Taskforce:

[Security firm] Ktech have taken Corrigan’s shop [in a bank-mandated seizure]  this morning, at 5 am, supported by around 50 Gardaí.

Fifty guards?

They knew what they were up against. In fairness.

Security Operation In progress (RTÉ)

Dirty hurling ahead of the March for Choice next Saturday.

If you see it, report it and post it.

Abortion Rights Campaign

Pic: Jim O’Callaghan


Interested in real life Irish crime?

Brian Kavanagh, of Courts News Ireland (Ireland’s only dedicated court reporting service) writes

We’ve been covering the Irish Courts for over 30 years and, with The Dock, we’re bringing you the most captivating stories from our crime archives, alongside new feature material from our team of journalists.

News media is obviously a fast-moving beast. The Dock, however, uniquely revisits cases that shaped the legal landscape, as well as those that may have been forgotten in the tumult.

The Dock (Courts News Ireland)

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