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The referral pathway [above] for women at risk of suicide in the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Act.

Ireland – Making pregnant women jump through hoops since 1922.™

Download the Department of Health guidance document here.

Guidance document for abortion legislation published (RTÉ News)

00119318 (l-r) Bernie Smyth, Kathy Sinnott, Dana Rosemary Scallon

An anti-abortion protester accused of behaving like a witch told a Belfast court: “I’m no witch, I’m a Catholic”.

Bernadette Smyth, who leads the anti-abortion group Precious Life, was replying to a prosecution lawyer.

Mrs Smyth, of Suffolk Street, Ballymena, County Antrim, denies harassing Marie Stopes clinic director Dawn Purvis.

The lawyer suggested she had laughed at Ms Purvis in a “cackling, jeering, mocking way, in a witch’s manner.”

Ms Smyth replied: “I can’t agree with this court that I’m a witch. I’m a Catholic.”

The case concerns two incidents involving the accused that happened outside the Marie Stopes Clinic, Great Victoria Street, Belfast, in January and February.

The case continues.

Catholic of the Year 2013, awarded by the Knights of St. Columbanus no less.

It’s not a Golden Cleric but it’s a start.

Bernadette Smyth tells court: ‘I’m no witch, I’m a Catholic’ (BBC News NI)

Charge of harassing former MLA a set-up says pro-life lobbyist (Irish News)

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File Pic: Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland

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Socialist Party TD Ruth Coppinger raised the issue of repealing the Eighth Amendment in the Dáil yesterday.

Not to worry.

There’s a report pending.


This afternoon Clare Daly, Mick Wallace and Ruth Coppinger challenged the Minister for Health Leo Varadkar on the Eighth Amendment.

Clare Daly told the Minister to:

“Wise up. You’re a young man. Ireland’s abortion reality and rates are pretty much the same as they are in every other country.”

Mick Wallace asked the Minister,

“Is the Government more focused on the next election than on the suffering caused by the denial of services to women seeking abortions due to rape, incest, fatal foetal abnormality or serious risk to health?”

Ruth Coppinger suggested the referendum on marriage equality and repeal of the Eighth Amendment be held on the same day and said:

“It would be a double endorsement of progress in this country. It would be a signal to the rest of the world that the Catholic Church’s writ doesn’t run despite the wishes of the majority in society and it would be a hammer blow to the Catholic Church’s domination of many areas of life in this country.”

Minister Varadkar replied:

“I think it would be a really bad idea in 2015 if in the run-in to a general election for us to have that kind of debate happening in that millieu because we’ve been there before. That’s exactly what happened in 1983. In the run-up to a general election people were put in a position where they made commitments in the run-in to a general election where maybe they shouldn’t have. So let’s not repeat the mistake of 1983 and have all that again in 2015.
…It shouldn’t be done on foot of a tragedy or a very hard case and it shouldn’t be done on the run-in to a general election.”

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Further to his earlier appearance.

Senator Ronan Mullen speaking in the Seanad earlier on the issue of Direct Provision:

The treatment of women in the system is deplorable. There are several male-only reception centres in the State. But there are none which provide solely for women. Many women who seek asylum in the State are fleeing the most gruesome and most unimaginable conditions sometimes involving sexual abuse or rape. And for these victims to be placed in a system where there’s an underlying fear perhaps in some cases of a recurrence of abuse is really shocking.


Listen here.

Download here.

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Legislation to change radically Ireland’s direct provision system will be proposed today.

Independent Senator Rónán Mullen will call on the Government to establish female-only and family-only reception centres and grant the right to seek employment.

He said managing an asylum policy was never easy for any country but changes in the operation of the direct provision system were needed urgently.

Introduce female-only direct provision centres, says Senator (Mary Minihan, Irish Times)


An English establishment pet monkey Irishman who, as a registered ‘non dom’, uses a tax loophole to avoid paying tax in Britain gushes about the greatness of Britain.


Sez Bob:

“Glasgow was one of the first places where we could get a gig when people in London wouldn’t look at us.”

“It was the people of Scotland who bought our records, which got us up the charts.”

“You two guys (England and Scotland) invented the modern world. Why go back from that?” Geldof said.

“Remember I’m Irish but it was the UK which gave me my life. The people inside this political nation are truly extraordinary.

“The English are an amazing people. Their history is just f**ing amazing.

“But it took the Scottish nation’s genius – and literally that is the word – to invent the modern world. That’s the truth of it.”

“The logic of the 21st century and immediate future is towards co-operation, consensus and compromise, as opposed to the past and the murderous 20th century which was defined by competition. Why retreat into the past? Why regress to an imagined national idyll? It won’t happen.

“What interest does the world have in Scotland or England unilaterally? The nation state is dead. The 21st century is about interdependence.”

“Things are always bigger than we are. Therefore the bigger we are, the better it is. Isn’t that what we learned from our labour struggles? Isn’t that what we learned from our wars? Isn’t that what we learned from football and families? That’s the way it just is. It’s not me just inventing it.”

“It’s a very healthy sense to understand who you are as a people and your place in this world. That’s a normal human instinct. We have a word for it – it’s called patriotism. But when it’s manipulated into the base metal of politics, which is nationalism – when political people on both sides of the argument do that – you have to be very wary. You really must think through these things.

“Nationalism is a very dangerous political animal. I know this – I’m Irish. It’s a cheap political trick which twists the understanding of who we are.

“I completely understand the emotional impulse towards independence. But always consider independence in inverted commas because what the f*** does it mean?

“We are entirely dependent on one another. None of us, in our private lives or our political constructs, are ever independent.

“We are all sovereign unto ourselves but we’re dependent on one another.”

“You think you guys are p***ed off with Westminster? What do you think it’s like living in London? Fupping Londoners are pissed off with Westminster. The world is changing and needs different institutions, but not just removing ourselves from each other.

“Actually co-operating with each other – that excites me. That interests me more than the f***ing bagpipe playing. That sort of stuff drives me nuts in Ireland as well.”

“We [Ireland] were an occupied country for 700 f***ing years.

“We were never allowed to industrialise. You guys had the very opposite. You guys chose – very Scottish, very practical – you saw the way to utilise your genius was by joining up, together. F*** me did you do it – and ran the f***ing show and still do.

“Look what you did. The NHS – Beveridge’s dad was Scottish. Blair and Brown brought in the minimum wage. The actual benefits of this country are actually only derived by cooperation together.”

“Look at Ireland within the Euro. F***ed up. Completely f***ed up.”

“There’s going to be an independent Scotland and a united Ireland and it will all be great? What will be great about it? Please explain that to me. Do you have any less pride in being Scottish or Irish than you will have next week? Seriously? It’s the manipulation of that pride and spurious arguments like that which drives me nuts.”

‘Our time is now’ – what the f**k does that mean? The time is any time.”

Better Together takeover: F*** me, you Scots didn’t just join the union.. you ran the whole f****** show, says Bob Geldof (Scottish Mirror)


Bob was asked about his tax affairs by The Times’ Lucy Bannerman at the World Economic Forum in Addis Ababa in 2012:

So how much is he worth? “I’m not telling you. But I am rich, let’s be clear.”
Can he understand why some might get annoyed when rich rock stars campaign about poverty?
He explodes with rage. “I pay all my taxes. My time? Is that not a tax? I employ 500 people [through his production companies]. I have created business for the UK government. I have given my ideas. I have given half my life to this. How dare you lecture me about morals?

Any excuse.

The problem with God is He thinks He’s Bob Geldof (James Delingpole, Telegraph May 2012)