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Portraits of the elegant, balletic flourishes of domesticated Betta splendens (Siamese fighting fish) by Thai photographer Visarute Angkatavanich.

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Ten observations on photography by filmmaker Errol Morris, taken from his 2011 book Believing Is Seeing.

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The tragic fallout after Chinese bike share companies – keen to cash in on the trend but massively overestimating demand – oversupplied the market with millions of bikes, leading to massive dandyhorse graveyards on the outskirts of many cities.

Shut up, Katie Melua.

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Common Meganser mother-duck surrounded by a huge brood of 75 ducklings on a Minnesota lake spotted recently by wildlife photographer Brent Cizek.

Normally, a Merganser will only incubate a maximum of 20 ducklings. In this case, according to field editor Kent Kaufmann of Audubon, the mother had probably adopted several dozen strays that had lost their own mothers.



A stunning photo by Gabriel Zaparolli of a distant lightning storm overhung with asperitas clouds at Torres, Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil last month. To wit:

Asperitas form in convective storms when the air in downdrafts (cooled by the sublimation of ice crystals) pushes through the cloud base.


A spectacular image of the Milky Way and, below it, an ascendent Mars casting its reflection in the waters off Rhode Island beach, captured by astrophotographer Abdul Dremali.


Still images of water photographed by Ray Collins, transformed into mesmerising animated cinemagraphs by Rotterdam-based photographer Armand Dijcks.

Full screen for optimum effect.

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Long exposure photography by Daniel Mercadante on the beaches and forests of Connecticut and also Guatemala (pix 3,4) where he and his wife Katina invited local kids to choose the locations.

The trails (inspired in part by the Mario Kart pathways of his gaming youth) are created by the simple but effective method of Daniel running around trailing a lighting rig.