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Last evening.

Ultan Mashup writes:

Great South Wall and Poolbeg on my run. Enough to get Philo resurrected to make a new Old Town video- I Heart Dublin.

Save Poolbeg.

Athletic composites by photographer Pelle Cass

Highly manipulated with up to 500 layers in each, the figures and poses are carefully selected from thousands of fixed location photographs shot at games and training sessions around Boston



From top: a glass-floored sightseeing walkway on a high cliff wall in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province; a suburban neighbourhood in Wuhan, Hubei;  lotus field in Quzhou, Zhejiang Province; Shanghai’s Yu Yuan garden after a snowfall; piles of unused shared bicycles  collected by police after they blocked pathways, stand abandoned in a field in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province and terraced fields near Tiger-Mouth Village, Yuanyang, Yun’nan

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A gallery of satellite images taken – not vertically – but at an angle, published by Planet Labs.

To wit:

…the satellite imagery we’re most familiar with — taken straight down — flattens and obscures the visual cues we get from perspective, making the imagery appear like maps, not photos… from an angle, the view becomes altogether different: the mountains rise to their commanding height, valleys regain their depth, and background features recede into the distance. It’s like getting a view out the window of an airplane 450 kilometers high.

From top: Monte Fitz Roy in Patagonia; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Klyuchevskaya volcano in Russia and Bilbao in Spain.


Infrared photographs of the Dolomites reflected in an idyllic lake scene (where coniferous trees and other vegitation appear watermelon-pink as they reflect infrared light)  by Paolo Pettigiani.


New Moon (2014) – a photoseries by David Lados – dramatic long exposure light trails coursing through the forests of the Mátra mountain range in Hungary captured by the light of the new moon.


As our own Winter Wonderland turns to slush, the frozen mountain forests of Germany and central Europe remain crisp and pristine in an evocative photoseries by Killian Schönberger.


Nature encroaches upon the abandoned houses of those who emigrated from Iran long ago for political or social reasons – a series of meticulously staged set pieces by photographer Gohar Dashti.


Three images from the 2018 Underwater Photographer of the Year competition.

Above: Mobula rays migrating along the coast of Baja, California by Fillipo Borghi; a BSA M20 motorbike in the WW2 wreck of the SS Thistlegorm in the Red Sea off Egypt (Anders Nyberg); two male tompots face off over mating rights (Henley Spiers); a ‘spy hopping’ humpback whale and a sea otter off Shetland by Greg Lecoeur

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