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‘Villes Éteintes’ – dual composites consisting of cityscapes and the night sky by French artist Thierry Cohen in an attempt to reveal the stars normally blotted out by light pollution.

From top: Amsterdam, San Francisco, Shanghai, New York, Hong Kong, Rio De Janeiro and Paris.


An incredible composite image by astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy combining telescopic photographs of the planets, our moon, the sun and the International Space Station lined up against the backdrop of the Milky Way.

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The top three winners in the 2018 Dronestagram International Drone Photography Contest because that’s an actual thing now.

From top: ‘Hungry Hippos’ by Zekedrone, ‘Fishing Net In Vietnam’ by Trung Pham and ’Two People, Two Dogs And Four Shadows’ by Yevhen Samuchenko.


Images from ‘Movimento’ by Francesca Piqueras (also known for her photographs of rusting shipwrecks) featuring the scarred and sheared-off mountainsides of Carrara in Tuscany – extensively quarried for their marble since the time of the Etruscans.

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The Prachov Rocks natural reserve, 5km west of Jičín in the Czech Republic – a spectacularly beautiful sandstone plateau that will be curiously familiar to wanderers of to the mystical RPG vistas of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Pictures 1 and 2 are from the game, the rest are real.

(Pix: Steve Coleman)


Wistman’s Wood – a forest of lichenated dwarf oak trees on the eastern slopes of the West Dart River in southern Devon.

Described as ‘the most haunted place on Dartmoor’ and captured above in all its mystical gloom by Neil Burnell.


The striking images of Tokyo based photographer RK, in this case, the dense multiplicities of life in populous modern Japan, subtly juxtaposed with the region’s singularly timeless landscapes.