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from the Dail to the White House and back via Downing Street and elsewhere.

One of 14 pedestrian crossing lights subtly altered on Konstitucijos Street in Vilnius to celebrate the centenary of voting rights for Lithuanian women.

Like many other European countries, Lithuanian women earn 14 percent less than their male colleagues [and hold only 17 percent of executive positions]

(Photos: PETRAS MALUKAS/AFP/Getty Images)


Trump Is In Trouble. Here’s How Much Worse It Could Get (TIME magazine)

Would Trump impeachment ‘crash’ stocks, as president says? (USA Today)


The Brandywell, last night.

Ciaran Tierney tweetz:

Solidarity with the people of from . A city where they know a thing or two about State forces who massacre unarmed protesters.

Some Dad tweetz:

Can I ask @DamianOFarrell @AodhanORiordain @naoiseomuiri @FinianMcGrathTD @RichardbrutonTD if they paid to advertise in this magazine?