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A short by Paul Trillo shot entirely (in one unbroken 10 minute take) by drone. The result is a uniquely menacing vision of one man’s public breakdown in full sight of his neighbours. To wit:

The entire shot was pre-visualized in CInema4D using 3D actors and computer generated voices. The camera operator and drone pilot then had to memorize everything beat for beat according to the script.

Here’s how it was made.


Photo shoot of the 2010 PSA in progress. A robot called Shimon played the marimba while Caity Jimenez played the drums.

Georgia Tech’s improvisational robotic marimba player Shimon joins a jazz band on stage at Washington’s Kennedy Centre. To wit:

Georgia Tech’s Robotic Musicians and Musical Cyborgs features Shimon, the robotic marimba player, alongside other robotic musicians and a drummer who wears an assistive robotic drumming prosthesis. Shimon utilizes artificial intelligence and creativity algorithms that push musical experiences and outcomes to uncharted domains.




Why pay over €700 for a pair of Nike Back To The Future II ‘Self-Lacing’ Runners?

Why not build your own with LEGO and a glue gun?

Well, this is why.

In fairness, maker Vimal Patel admits:

This was a quick experiment into combining LEGO with other materials. To build on the shoe, I used a dremel and a hot glue gun to fix a few LEGO connection points. From there, it was straightforward to experiment with different designs and test their functionality. It works reasonably well, but I’m sure it can be done much better with a bit of effort.