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Cassie, an ‘ostrich-inspired’ bipedal robot created by Agility Robotics has a playdate with Spot – Boston Dynamics robo-quadruped.

Aren’t they adorable?

This is probably how they’ll cavort when they’ve killed all humans.

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Boston Dynamics’ autonomous quadrobots evolve to the next level.

Imagine how far their militarised Wildcat has advanced in the last five years.

We’re all doomed.


Behold: the DroneGun Tactical by Australia/US based company DroneShield – 6.8kg of bad news for any hovering pest that dares to enter your airspace.

Effectively, a directional frequency jammer capable of cutting a drone’s video feed from a kilometre away, the gun can also force a drone back to its starting point or make it land on the spot.

Currently available to ‘government agencies’ only, but it’s only a matter of time before Jay-Z or Julian Assange or, you know, Nathan Carter gets one.


Famous works of art algorithmically subdivided  by Greek motion graphics and visual designer Dimitris Ladopoulos.

The designer uses 3D animation software Houdini to break down the colour compositions of the centuries old paintings in order to showcase how each might be analysed as a designed object rather than a 2D painted surface.


1000x macrophotography of  everyday items like salt, pepper, fruits and vegetable by Drew Geraci, who used a Sony A9 camera, a microscope and a slider rig to capture the detail.


MPC VFX shows how Sean Young’s Nexus 6 replicant Rachel in Blade Runner was recreated for Blade Runner 2049 using reference images from the then 58 year old actress, a younger performer and CGI effects.