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Every kind of sound imaginable.

8 year old Yoyoka Soma channels John Bonham on an extremely impressive accompaniment to led Zeppelin’s  Good Times And Bad Times.

The talent, the cuteness, the joy.


An impressive, HD remastered clip from The Song Remains The Same (1976)  featuring Led Zeppelin playing Dazed and Confused in a performance filmed at New York’s Madison Square Garden in 1973.

Look out for Jimmy Page playing his guitar with a cello bow and the nonverbal mid-solo conversation between John Paul Jones and John Bonham.


Unaccompanied monophonic sacred song, you say?

Generate an atmosphere of monastic contemplation, is it?

Ah, go on so.

Gregorian Voices – a customisable Gregorian chant generator

Port Geal by Thatchers Of The Acropolis, what sez:

The name Port Geal means Bright Tune or, if you’re feeling that way inclined, Bright Harbour. The track is a mix of electronica, rock and sean-nós and was inspired by the song Gille Mear made famous by Ó Riada’s Cór Chúil Aodha from Cork.

Thatchers Of The Acropolis play Mindfield at this year’s Electric Picnic

Thatchers Of The Acropolis on Spotify

Pawel Zadrożniak’s Floppotron – a musical ensemble made up of old computer hardware – is better suited to some cover versions than others.

Gary Numan’s Cars (1979) is a safe bet.


The soulful majesty of Marvin Gaye’s isolated vocal from 1968s ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’. YouTuber Ivan Stax writes:

The King of Motown, pure genius, No music but pure magic.

(The magic begins at 00.29.)


Mendelssohn’s Concerto in E Minor (the first LP released in 1948) performed by a Technics-sponsored turntable orchestra including several former DJ world champions