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An emotional journey in the form of a mixed media short by Korean animator Seunghee Kim. To wit:

One digs beneath the surface of the other to reach the deepest place of his heart during struggles. It lightens up the darkness. They fulfill one another within the sense of oneness.

Now for yiz.


A graduation short by Victor Garrido tells the twisted tale of a predator hunting its prey. But all is not what it seems.


A compilation of all the times YouTuber Coltography has scared her chihuahua Herbert with a fart. She qualifies her gaseous montage thus:

He hates it when I fart. I also hate it when he wakes me up in the middle of the night from farting so loud.


A short by Elli Vuorinen in which an optician grows tired of seeing the world too clearly as she comes to understand her inevitable involvement in its faults.


Ozzy Man’s  foul-mouthed review of unforgettable, occasionally regrettable moments from the year that was in it.


An adorable, award-winning short directed by Jeremy Collins and Kelly Dillon of South African animation studio Triggerfish, wherein the adorable and persistent Penny learns to dive, unperturbed by the spotlight-stealing skills of a haughty older girl.


Performers Daniel Gourski and Jonas Appel sample the sounds of an abandoned industrial dock to create every sound you hear.


A rather lovely short by Andrew Goldsmith in which a knitted toy dinosaur must give his all to save the love of his life.

Behind the scenes feature here.


A sumptuous tour of various locations in Greenland by Swedish nature photographer Stefan Forster. Of the great ice sheet, currently melting at its fastest rate in 350 years, he sez:

Today quiet and untouched places are becoming more and more rare. On my first visit to Greenland, I was fascinated by the incredible power of nature that can be felt everywhere. But during the last years things have changed. The amount of icebergs is increasing savagely. Glaciers I’m visiting every year are retreating not meters but kilometers a year and the amount of ice seems to be endless. There is nothing more beautiful than an iceberg — everyone is unique and the light reflecting from its surface is magical. It’s sad how close beauty and decay can be seen in an iceberg.