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An Adventure Time-esque lo-fi short by Julian Glander featuring a birthday party’s descent into chaos.


A new Strandbeest creation by kinetic sculptor Theo Jansen – a solar powered walking machine that drags an undulating caterpillar-like frame along behind it.

Full screen to appreciate the beauty of the thing.


 Life is tough. It’s a violent, fearful world. You’re alone and confused.

Can’t complain.

A bleak but impressive Royal College of Art graduation short by Sophie Markatatos.


A short by animator Alesssandro Bavari in which a disembodied digital head is assaulted and distorted with bass rhythms for 7 minutes.

You know the feeling.


Skate legend and feisty quinquagenarian Tony Hawk talks about his inspiration and performs 50 of the tricks he either created or perfected over the course of his professional career.

Closed captions on for dates and trick names.


A stop motion animation by Scottish animator Ainslie Henderson turns meta as the animator’s creations break off, fashion their own instruments from workbench detritus and form their own short-lived electronica band.



Kurzgesagt on the finer points of the bacteriophage – serial killer of the microscopic world – never done slaughtering the organisms that live around and inside us.

Previously: Black Hole Bomb


Port Geal by Thatchers Of The Acropolis, what sez:

The name Port Geal means Bright Tune or, if you’re feeling that way inclined, Bright Harbour. The track is a mix of electronica, rock and sean-nós and was inspired by the song Gille Mear made famous by Ó Riada’s Cór Chúil Aodha from Cork.

Thatchers Of The Acropolis play Mindfield at this year’s Electric Picnic

Thatchers Of The Acropolis on Spotify

A short by director/editor Fabrice Mathieu in which the Alamo on Klendathu is attacked by BUGS! To wit:

When John Wayne meets Paul Verhoeven