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A wise man once said something like ‘There is life on other planets, only not to see’.

It might have been Aidan Walsh. And how right he was.

It’s all down to the blinding glow of stars, which obliterates the ability of distant viewers to see the planets orbiting them.

In this TED talk, Princeton University astronomer Jeremy Kasdin explains a new  technology which may change all that: the Starshade – a flower petal-shaped screen that allows a telescope to photograph planets from 50,000 kilometers away.



François writes:

After a busy year working with Skrillex, Kadavre Exquis is happy to finally announce the release of a new animated SciFi music video [4 months in the making] he made for the French band Equateur. The song is called ‘The Lava’.

Kadavre Exquis

Equateur – The Lava (iTunes)


Cathal from FanFootage writes:

Kodaline playing ‘All I Want’ in the O2 Dublin last month, as filmed by their fans. Some mean crowd singing at around 5 minutes. Made using FanFootage.


Jury is still out on Ellie Goulding’s cover.

She’s no Bernard O’Shea, to be fair.

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