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Alvy Carragher writes:

You’ve shared my videos a few times, this is one about a poem (‘Numb’) you’ve previously published which was trolled quite horrifically. It’s called Unsolicited Advice from a Failed Male Poet. And there was an article put up on the Guardian about it for a bit of background.

READ ON: Irish Poet Who Wrote About Rape Ordeal Hits Back At Online Trolls (Guardian)


The 2016 Oscar winning live action short film by Irish writer/director Benjamin Cleary – now available to view online in its entirety courtesy of the New Yorker.

Thirteen minutes well spent (if, God forbid, you’re using a regional masking browser plugin), to wit:

…a young London typographer named Greenwood (Matthew Needham) stutters to the extent that verbal conversation is difficult. When he tries to resolve an issue with a service representative over the phone, he can’t get the words out; the operator, gruff and impatient, hangs up. (For surliness, she rivals the operator in the old Yaz song.) When a woman approaches Greenwood on the street, he uses sign language to avoid talking. But in his thoughts, which we hear, he does not stutter.


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Australian video artist Nick ‘Pogo’ Bertke’s personal tribute (yes, that’s him throughout) to the musical ouevre of Star Trek TNG’s science officer and captain. To wit:

Data & Picard is my tribute to one of the greatest TV series of all time. It is an original track featuring the voices of Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) and Commander Data (Brent Spiner), accompanied by a music video I shot entirely in my living room with a green screen and lights. The track opens with the Klingon Victory Song, followed by a remix of Data singing Che Gelida Manina in the episode ‘In Theory’. This episode was the first ever to be directed by Patrick Stewart and I didn’t realize this until after the track was finished.



Galway DJ Jimmy Penguin (right) took on the world’s best gamers at Milan Games Week last week, finishing ItabashiZangief (left) – the tournament’s top seeded Street Fighter player – with a barrage of special moves.

Full on Penguin action from 5.30 to 13.30.