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A nifty edit by TouTuber Spacepig22 wherein the character of Jerry in a classic scene from Seinfeld is replaced with Barry B. Benson – his animated character from The Bee Movie.


Filmmaker Geoffrey Feinberg’s vertiginous profile of Kirill ‘the Russian spiderman’ and his death-defying (occasionally death-obliging) fellow thrill seekers within Moscow’s ‘roofer’ subculture.


Take a high resolution guided tour of the entire moon – North pole, South pole, near side and dark side – courtesy of imagery from  NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft.

Full screen for optimal effect.


An oddly pleasing if baffling short by Argentinian animator Pablo Alfieri. To wit:

…about the eternal & infinite feeling of being looped.


Sundry vocalisations compiled from the 44 year acting career of Jeff Goldblum by Owenergy Studios.

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OK GO lead singer Damian Kulash talks about the mathematical logistics of the band’s video for ‘The One Moment’.


A rather superb hack by developer Brian Kane where he’s hacked a Big Mouth Billy Bass and turned it into Amazon’s virtual assistant.


An award winning short created for Penguin Random House for their Vintage Classics Russians series, promoting one of six of the greatest works of Russian literature published for the centenary of the Russian Revolution: ‘Life and Fate’ by Vasily Grossman.


Susie Dardis writes:

Wake Up! Be Kind! How we treat each other is a matter of life and death. Wake up and walk with us for Pieta House at Darkness into Light on May 12th 2018