A new application for a Europe wide trade mark by Robbie Keane’s UK-based promotions company Copyright lawyer Brian Conroy writes: Want to smell like Robbie Keane? Of course you do, it got Claudine didn’t it! Well then…. Eau De Keano: Robbie’s Company Applies For Robbie Keane Trade Mark (Brian Conroy)

‘sup? Brian Conroy writes: So Kellogg just applied for a Trade Mark across Europe for this lad: He looks like Snap, Crackle and Pop’s weird Irish cousin dressed up for Christmas to me personally, but I’m a Coco Pops man myself, so perhaps I just don’t recognise him! Any takers?? Who Or What Is This? […]

  The pick  (more at link below) of the Trade Mark Applications in the past 24 hours.   Data protection/Intellectual property lawyer Brian Conroy writes: I’ve become obsessed with checking the Trade Marks Register for the OHIM to see what applications have been filed for European Trade Marks. There is ALWAYS good stuff in there, […]

The BBC has applied to trademark the TARDIS. Good relative dimensional move. The BBC just tried to Trade Mark the Tardis! (Brian Conroy) (H/T: Ryan Phillips)