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From 1983, an unbeatable offer from Ford.

Free return ticket to New York and $100 in cash plus a one-way ticket for a “friend”.

Way to shorten the dole queue.

Good times.


From Christmas 1987, an ad for Lifestyle Sports starring Constantin Gurdgiev Maurice Pratt.

Including Adidas Roms and “leisure suits”.

Happy days.

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From 1987, an ad for Quinnsworth starring Maurice Pratt.

The contents of every 80s Christmas raffle ever.

Oh for a salmon coloured ticket…


From 1988, an ad for the Renault 18 GSE.

Tinted glass, electric windows, central locking, Blaupunkt stereo radio/cassette..Phwoar!

We didn’t Renault any better.


From 1989, an ad for Cawoods Coal featuring the late Gerry Anderson.

Gerry is credited with coining the term ‘Stroke City’ to describe his hometown Derry-Londonderry.

He was used to coming home to a real fire.


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From 1994, an ad for Denny Rashers featuring the voice of Rolf Harris.

Place under a hot grill, turn often, cook until crisp.

As for the rashers, cook to your own preference.

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From May 1986, a friendly reminder to honour your pledge to Self-Aid.

It’s been 28 years but never too late.

Voiceover by Derek Davis.

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