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Pro-choice protest Warsaw, Poland on Monday

Polish politicians have withdrawn draft legislation that would introduce a near-total ban on abortion, in a hastily arranged vote that marks the first major domestic setback for the ruling conservatives and follows massive street protests.

Up to 100,000 women dressed in black protested throughout Poland on Monday against plans to tighten the country’s already restrictive abortion rules.

Right-wing and liberal parliamentarians in the 450-member lower house joined forces to vote 352 against 58 to reject the controversial bill, with 18 abstentions.

Poland rejects stricter abortion laws (RTÉ)

Pic: AP

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Further to the graffiti incident at Anti-Austerity Alliance TD Mick Barry and Cork City Councillor Fiona Ryan’s office in Blackpool, Cork last week…

Mick Barry tweetz:

All male anti-choice picket of my constituency office today. Vile abuse shouted at two women who had the audacity to challenge them.

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In Poland.

BBC reports:

Women in Poland have gone on strike in protest against proposals for a total ban on abortion.

They marched through the streets wearing black as a sign of mourning for their reproductive rights.

Women who oppose the ban are staying away from work and school and refusing to do domestic chores, in a protest inspired by a women’s strike in Iceland in 1975.

Anti-abortion protests are being held around the country too.

Women took to the streets of the capital city, Warsaw, in a pro-choice march on what they are calling “Black Monday”.

Further to this…

People who wish to express their solidarity with women in Poland are invited to bring a candle to the Polish consulate on Eden Quay this evening between 5.30 to 7pm.

Dublin – Solidarity with Polish women on strike (Facebook)

Black Monday: Women in Poland go on strike against abortion ban (BBC)



Lenny Abrahamson writes:

Huge protests happening in Poland against a full scale attack on women’s rights. They are asking for support from abroad…

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Scenes from the march calling for a repeal of the Eighth Amendment in Dublin city centre organised by the Abortion Rights Campaign.

Saturday: Eighth Wonder of The World

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Scenes fro the protest outside the Ireland Embassy in Grosvenor Place, London.

Pics: Joshua Clarke



Ellen Coyne and Catherine Sanz, of The Times Ireland Edition, went undercover at an ‘abortion advice’  centre in Berkeley Street, Inns Quay, Dublin 7.

The Women’s Centre advertises itself as an impartial source of advice for women who want to travel to the UK to access an abortion but has direct links to a Catholic anti-abortion group

…A woman working at the clinic, who claimed to be a counsellor, told her that breasts and ovaries were connected and that when a pregnancy ended unexpectedly a woman’s reproductive system could be damaged, causing breast cancer…and that abortion could lead to women abusing their children in the future.

Abortion causes cancer, women’s centre claims (The Times Ireland Edition)



Taken from the Abortionadvice.ie website.




The Scarlet Phibsbernel writes:

Thought you might like this photo of the Blue Door, taken in 2014 when this outfit wore its heart on its sleeve. In those days the lovely people therein would often be seen at the front door, offering comment to anyone that might press the buzzer next door….

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Readers may recall how Independents 4 Change TD Clare Daly’s identical bill was voted down last year 20-104.

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Table of who voted how via Gavan Reilly