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This afternoon.

BT2, Grafton Street, Dublin.

Emily writes:

Queues for [limited edition] Kanye [West]-designed Adidas shoes…on sale in the morning


You may recall the Darndale, Dublin-based Irish Adidas test commercial shortlisted for Cannes.

Adam Sherry writes:

Please check out this test spot for ‘Adidas Originals’ written and directed by a super talented, super young and super new Irish Director, Nic Jay of Scallywag Films Scally Wag Films Starring Cici Cavanagh and Pro Skater Keith Walsh. I hope it’s worthy of a post (Especially as our edit got delayed and we missed the deadline for Cannes!)



Adidas ‘Super’: a ‘test commercial’ written and directed by TJ O’Grady Peyton, currently shortlisted for the Cannes Young Directors Award 2013.

Shot on location in Darndale, Dublin (and Bray, Co. Wicklow).

Featuring Packy Connors, Stephen Clinch, Johnny Elliot, Robbie Quigley, Jake and Megan Ward.