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Dáil Éireann yesterday


The Dáil voted in support of a Labour Party motion to postpone the sale of AIB shares.


The Government is reportedly going ahead with it anyway.

In today’s Irish Times, Pat Leahy and Joe Brennan report:

The Department of Finance moved yesterday evening to play down the impact of the passing of the Labour Party Private Members’ motion proposing to delay the AIB share sale until European Union fiscal rules are relaxed.

During a Dáil vote, nobody on the Government side indicated their preference and the motion was deemed to have passed. Opposition TDs believed that Government TDs were distracted by the internal party leadership challenge.

“Private Members’ motions are not legally binding on the Government,” the department said in a statement. “The Government position remains unchanged. The programme for partnership government clearly allows the Minister to sell up to 25 per cent of Allied Irish Banks up to the end of 2018.”

Michael Noonan set to trigger AIB flotation (The Irish Times)


Following an anonymous email sent to RTÉ…

RTÉ reports:

A whistleblower has alleged AIB misled regulators on its progress in dealing with loans which are in arrears.

The claims have been made over recent days to the Central Bank and the European Central Bank.

AIB has told RTÉ News that it is “not aware” of the allegations.

A spokesperson for the Central Bank said that while the bank cannot comment on specific allegations “any correspondence received by the Central Bank through its protected disclosure channel is treated seriously and examined thoroughly.”

The individual said AIB tried to make progress on restructuring look better than it was in reality.

Whistleblower alleges AIB misled Central Bank, ECB (RTE)

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The Mortgage Arrears Reality

The Mortgage Arrears Pie



Are you with AIB?

A mathematician writes:

The principal danger with AIB’s online banking portal stems from the fact that there exist a great many accounts for which the first 6 digits of the ‘secret’ 8-digit registration number are simply the account holder’s birthday in DDMMYY format.


Allied Irish Banks’s web and mobile banking portals are ‘protected’ by a level of security that is twice as easy to crack as would be provided by a single password containing only two lowercase letters.


A person of malicious intent could easily gain access to hundreds, possibly thousands, of accounts as well as completely overwhelm the branch network by locking an estimated several 100,000s of people out of their online banking

Both AIB and the Irish Financial Services Ombudsman have refused to respond meaningfully to multiple communications each in which these concerns were raised privately [see link below]….

Mathematician and software engineer Oliver Nash


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(Photocall Ireland)

90377677Former chairman of AIB Dermot Gleeson, right, arriving at the Banking Inquiry this morning

Dermot Gleeson was chair of AIB from 2003 until 2009. (also a board member of Independent News and Media from 2000 until 2004).

The obvious.

He likes to states it.

From the Banking Inquiry:

Committee of inquiry into banking crisis

Banking inquiry: AIB ‘not aware’ of bank guarantee decision (Irish Times)

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)