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Swiss surrealist artist H.R. Giger who designed the monster and revolutionary sci-fi sets for the film “Alien” has died, his museum said on Tuesday. He was 74. Giger, who was born Hans Rudolf in the eastern Swiss town of Chur in 1940, died on Monday in Zurich from injuries he obtained after suffering a fall, an employee of the H.R. Giger Museum said, confirming reports in Swiss media.

“Alien” artist, surrealist H.R. Giger dies aged 74 (Reuters)

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Mysterious Sculpture 2 all ancient_spaceship Secret place Mystery Mysterious SculptureThe work of graphic artist Tomasz Strzałkowski, who has created imagery for a number of video games including Gears Of War and Bulletstorm – while highly reminiscent of the work of HR Giger – is nonetheless rather excellent in a similarly hellish xeno-industrialist fashion.

Strzałkowski explains his work and inspiration here in an interview with EverMotion.