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Mysterious Sculpture 2 all ancient_spaceship Secret place Mystery Mysterious SculptureThe work of graphic artist Tomasz Strzałkowski, who has created imagery for a number of video games including Gears Of War and Bulletstorm – while highly reminiscent of the work of HR Giger – is nonetheless rather excellent in a similarly hellish xeno-industrialist fashion.

Strzałkowski explains his work and inspiration here in an interview with EverMotion.


By Darren Cullen and Mark Tolson (£6).

Epic product description win:

….new Hypoallergenic Shapeshifting Lizard Skin Cream, for the hard-working reptilian overlord who wants to crush the human race AND look great. Revitalise dry cracked scales with the nutrifying formula, penetrating your watertight, abrasive epidermis with vitamin-enriched micro-molecules. Never again spend hours removing crusty nodules from your armoured eyelids or sandblasting your segmented underbelly. Instead, spend your life-cycle on the things that really matter to you: eating babies, manipulating financial markets and basking on rocks in the warm glow of Earth’s home star. Whichever form you’ve taken, simply lather the cream onto tough lizard scales or weak and thin human tissue. The vitamin E rich formula gets to work fast, leaving your external membrane hard, reinforced and radiant. Start each day with that “just-shed-skin” feeling!