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Stormont, January 22, 1964.

When they met it was moider.

Eimear Breen writes:

The 50th Anniversary of an historic meeting between then Taoiseach Sean Lemass and the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland Terence O’Neill is marked today with the release, by An Post, of a commemorative stamp.
The groundbreaking meeting took place in utmost secrecy in January 1965 and marked the first invitation to an Irish Taoiseach to take part in official talks with the Northern Ireland Prime Minister. The event was a brave venture in North-South relations and began a thaw in relations between the two states. A return visit took place in Dublin in February of that year.
The 68c stamp, designed by Red&Grey Design of Dublin. The stamp can be purchased in Dublin’s GPO or online here.


An Post Irish Stamps



Professor De Selby writes:

“As in now the traditional accompaniment to any new stamp issue the esteemed members of the Philatetic advisory panel have in their wisdom issued an accompanying stamp in order that they might celebrate a meeting of feline minds such as occurred analogous to the historic meetings of Sirs Lemass and O’Neill. It is known that the descendants of two famous ‘internet’ cats did meet in front of Stormont on that very day, they did not get on and there was much hissing, such as it is.”


Wait! What?

No chestnuts roasting on an open fire?

No Jack Frost nipping at your nose??

An Post writes:

Our An Post Christmas TV advert is about how we remember family and friends at Christmas. It highlights the fact that when we make the effort to write and post our Christmas cards, the emotional rewards for both sender and receiver are enormous.

The TV advert features the song ‘The Christmas Waltz’ and was shot in locations around Dublin and Wicklow.

The music track is called ‘The Christmas Waltz’, vocals by Lisa Hannigan and is available to purchase on Bandcamp. All profits raised from the sale of the track will go directly to Simon Community to help tackle homelessness in Ireland.

Now, giant Anglo-Saxon supermarket chains, that’s how you do a Christmas ad.


Link to Bandcamp is now working. Donate here.



A new stamp to celebrate the bicentenary of Thomas Davis, a founder of the Young Ireland Movement (and according to wikipedia a “professional juggler’ by the age of 13)

An Post writes:

“The 68c stamp, designed by Irish design agency Conor & David [Conor Nolan and David Wall], features an engraving of Thomas Davis taken from the book Memoirs of an Irish Patriot by Charles Gavan Duffy (in the National Library of Ireland).”


Available here



Professor De Selby writes:

“Along with this commemorative stamp, and in keeping with their attempts to appeal to the youth of today the Philatetic Advisory Committe have decided, based in no small way on the wild success of their ‘Cats of the Internet’ series, to run a sister stamp which features an engraving of Thomas Davis’ feline companion: Cát Davis, who is credited with inspiring the lyrics to Davis’ famous poem ‘A Nation Once Again’ whilst passing an abnormally large hairball”


Ah here.

Further to An Post’s nod to the cat demographic.

DeSelby writes:

“…In an effort to appeal to a generation that has never sent a letter in their lives, the ashen faced members of An Post’s Philatelic Advisory Committee have forgone the usual ultra conservative tedium of illustrated landscapes and utterly lifeless stamp designs and have issued a series of stamps inspired by famous felines of ‘the internet’ …”

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Home Rule Stamp

Edward Carson [Unionist Alliance leader 1910-1921], top, and John Redmond [Irish Parliamentary Party leader  1900-1918], below..

Together at last.


Feargal Purcell of An Post writes:

“The stamp marks the 100th Anniversary of the signing of the Government of Ireland Act 1914, better known as the Home Rule Act. The 60c stamp, designed by Ger Garland, features John Redmond, Leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party, and Unionist politician Edward Carson. An accompanying first day cover features the stamp and a reproduction of a satirical cartoon of the time. The stamp features Carson and Redmond against a map of Ireland. Both are available at www.irishstamps.ie, main post offices or the Irish Stamp shop in Dublin’s GPO.”