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Cat Explorer – a virtual reality demo by san Francisco based VR company Leap Motion demonstrating ‘the transformative potential of VR and natural interaction in fields as diverse as education, training, healthcare, and entertainment’.

The motion of the user’s hand allows exploration of the skeleton, vascular system, organs and inner workings of a friendly cartoon moggie.


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Self assembly, anatomically correct balloon animals by designer Jason Freeny [even he of the anatomically correct Gummi bear, above].

Available to buy and build here.


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Extracts from an extremely useful illustrated guide to the lexicon of typography by Canva.

MORE: A Glossary of Typographic Terms (Canva)

(Thanks Sylvester)

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 00.27.11

Anatomic by Henning M Lederer and Max Cooper – part of an audio-visual live performance by Max Cooper. To wit:

A continuous journey into the human machine


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A series of candiful memory aids to human anatomy created by 27 year old Glasgow University medical student, ‘Magic’ Mike McCormick.

Many more here.



An old anatomy model at TCD, photographed – on the verge of being dumped, having provided years of service to med students – by Anthony Edwards (Senior Clinical Photographer at St. James’s Hospital Dublin) – one of the finalists in this year’s Wellcome Image Awards.

The winner will be chosen on Wednesday.

G’wan the Tony.

MORE: The art of science – Wellcome Images 2015 (BBC News)

(Thanks John Gallen)