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From the strangely beguiling Power Lines In Anime – a Tumblr dedicated to screencaps of ‘power lines, power line support poles, lattices and rail overhead lines’ in Anime features.

And not before time, sez you.

Above (from top): stills from Fuuka, Nichijou and Scum’s Wish



The twelfth annual Eirtakon anime, sci-fi and gaming convention opens tomorrow in the Croke Park Convention Centre.

Announced a few weeks back as the final installment of the event, organisers have a bit of a New Orleans funeral planned for the Irish anime fandom’s cornerstone event.

Writes Helene Duffy:

Eirtakon expects over 4000 people from all over Ireland will come together for the weekend to celebrate anime, manga and Japanese culture. This year you can meet international cosplay and anime guests, listen to cultural panels, take part in cosplay and gaming workshops, play your favourite board games or compete in the huge range of console tournaments.

During the convention you will also have the opportunity to watch dozens of hours of anime screenings, watch or participate in the Cosplay Blind Date, and shop till you drop in the biggest artist’s alley and trader’s hall ever seen at an Irish convention.

Guest appearances this year include Doom/Wolfenstein creator John Romero, Ghost Recon/Dragon Siege artist Brenda Romero, and voice actors Luci Christian (One Piece, Gunslinger Girl) & John Swasey (Borderlands 2, Halo, One Piece), while musical events include the Irish Video Game Orchestra and the Taiseiyo Taiko Drummers.


Tickets on sale now.







Michiyo Yasuda, former head of colouration at legendary Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli, has passed away at the age of 77.

Responsible for the palette and mood of nearly four decades of award-winning feature-films and shorts, Yasuda had been working with studio heads Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata since her youth, first as a rank-and-file colourist at Toei Animation, then joining the pair at their start-up, where she stayed until her retirement in 2009, after final film Ponyo.

2009 interview with the L.A. Times

BBC obituary


Croke Park, Dublin this morning.

The launch of Eirtakon, Ireland’s largest anime convention [November 21-23] celebrating its tenth year.

Organised by the Anime and Manga society of DCU, Eirtakon brings together the world of anime, manga and Japanese culture to the heart of official Ireland.


Bottom pic from left: Amy King (Haru from Stubio Ghibli’s The Cat Returns), Vicky Heartilly (Simca from Air Gear), John Kennedy (Maleficent), Jaydeen Creighton (Mayuyu from AKB0048) and Zara O’Leary (Alice from Tales of Symphonia 2).


(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)


Japanese animation and elaborate costume play your ‘bag’?

You’re not weird.

And you may like this.

James Keating writes:

Thought you might like this – I worked with Laura Emily Downes on her final project in college – a documentary about anime, manga and cosplay fans in Ireland. She submitted it yesterday… so you have the chance to grade it before her lecturers do…


Grades, anyone?

Heartbreaking honesty at 2.21.