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TaptDonegal-developed and published rhythm game

What you may need to know…

01. Because not all musical endeavour involves bands and artists, presented for your consideration: Tapt, an Irish-developed rhythm game for iOS.

02. Developed and self-published by Donegal man Stephen Coyle, the game focuses on rhythm rather than melody, unlike a lot of similar endeavours, and encourages attention to detail in listening to said tunes.

03. Streaming above is a playthrough of the first stage by French mobile-game YouTuber First Stage, demonstrating its capabilities.

04. Get it at the App Store, and check the various expansion packs. Every purchase helps fund Coyle’s development of an educational edition of the app.

VERDICT: An interesting concept that should rightly help a lot of people with the basics of rhythm, and provide a satisfying puzzle-game experience on the way.


All Irish music tech/app-related projects welcome to submit to the column, please, to the usual email address. No charge.


Want to meet single rescue dogs in your area?

There’s a yapp for that.

Stephen O’Connor writes:

I’ve created an app, Fourpaws, as a central place for rescues in Ireland to post dog profiles that are up for adoption. I’m hoping to create more awareness for Rescues and encourage people to #adoptdontbuy.
The app is available on Android and iOS now (see link below]. The app allows users to like and dislike their way through dog profiles with options to see more info on the dog, more info on the Rescue, Apply to Adopt and an option to Donate to the Rescue. It’s all for a great cause, and all for free – I just want to do my bit for the dog crisis we currently have in Ireland.

Download Fourpaws for free here



The Irish-made Uber launderette service.

Evan Gray (above) writes:

Last month I launched a new app for laundry and dry cleaning in Dublin. It’s basically a set-up like Uber or Hailo for getting your clothes cleaned. No more rushing to the cleaners either as it runs ‘till late. You just download the app, select what you want cleaned and we come and collect it from you wherever you are….

I’m a Dublin native who’s always been tech obsessed. Love gadgets and anything that makes my life a bit easier. I was working in finance for 4 years and ironing shirts & getting to the dry cleaners was a bit of an inconvenience, either they were closed after work or I didn’t get up early enough on a Saturday morning. Decided I couldn’t be the only one and there had to be an easier way….;

Download the app on the App Store here