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Too sqeamish for the old glass ‘n’ postcard method? Unwilling to ferry arachnids from your home in your cupped hand?

This insanely popular (nearly 5,000,000 views) MAKE video from 2009 shows you how to make a compressed air powered ‘spider rifle’.

See now? There’s your weekend sorted.

The Ten most Popular MAKE videos of all time (MAKE)


Amblypygi, the whip spider of tailless whip scorpion, is a harmless subtropical arachnid.

An easy thing to forget when there’s one crawling across your face.

Crawling across your face.


Carefully detoxified, lightly toasted, farm-bred and highly nutritious.

Tube of five arachnid snacks for €15.

Just like being on I’m A Celebrity…