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The bizarre and wonderful world of Soviet-era bus stops, captured (in the course of a 16,000 km round trip of Russia) by photographer Christopher Herwig in a follow up to a previously published homage. To wit:

A foreword by renowned architecture and culture critic Owen Hatherley, reveals new information on the origins of the Soviet bus stop. Examining the government policy that allowed these ‘small architectural forms’ to flourish, he explains how they reflected Soviet values, and how ultimately they remained – despite their incredible individuality – far-flung outposts of Soviet ideology.

Soviet Bus Stops Volume II (Christopher Herwig)


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Former architect and current pastry chef Dinara Kasko from Ukraine creates delicious cakes inspired by geometry and the complex forms of modern buildings.

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Sir John Rogerson’s Quay as it is today (top) and how it may look

Of this controversial proposed development on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin

Paul Clerkin tweetz:

I hate remnants being kept as “reminders”…


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Unbounded – a huge sculpture by Ben Butler made from 10,000 sticks of poplar wood snaking through the art gallery of Rice University in Texas.

It’s all about complex phenomena emerging from simple processes.

But you knew that.