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From Libraries: a new coffee-table tome featuring 44 of the world’s most lavishly appointed, architecturally impressive and beautiful libraries, among them Trinity College Library and The National Library of Ireland (bottom two pix).

Above (from top): Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Centre, Humboldt University Berlin, LiYuan Library, Beijing, The Black Diamond, Royal Library of Copenhagen, Denmark and Sir Duncan Rice Library, University of Aberdeen, Scotland.


(H/T: Spaghetti Hoop)

sack-1sack-2 sack-7 sack-6 sack-5 sack-3

The quite frankly mind-scrambling work of artist Ben Sack: intricately detailed cityscapes drawn with a succession of 0.05 black Stabilo pigment liners that he exhausts and replaces many times in the months it takes to complete each drawing.

His most recent work (of which you can see much more here) is the circular A Single Note above. It’s 3.8 meters across.

Prints are available.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an ever present threat.


Sharashidze-01 Sharashidze-09 Sharashidze-08 Sharashidze-06 Sharashidze-05 Sharashidze-04 Sharashidze-03 Sharashidze-02
Architects often use photographs of random passers by,  cut from their backgrounds and superimposed on building mock-ups to give a sense of scale to project art.

In her collage series Wall People, Georgian artist Eka Sharashidze makes the excised humans the main focus of the image – stacking and replicating them like musical notation or modern urban hieroglyphs.


irojekhm_gaonjai_db_23irojekhm_gaonjai_db_22elevationirojekhm_gaonjai_db_04 irojekhm_gaonjai_db_17 irojekhm_gaonjai_db_10 irojekhm_gaonjai_db_07 irojekhm_gaonjai_db_05
Around 20 years ago, a government housing expo in the Gangnam district of Seoul in South Korea featured a town designed by leading local architects.

As well as making maximum use of the limited available footprint, this house – Ga On Jai – built by Iroje Khm Architects neatly encapsulates four distinctive Korean techniques of Korean architecture: Ru (internal support with one facade left open); Madang (the inner court); Cheoma (cantilevered roof) and Doldam (stone masonry wall).


buswidebus-1 bus-6 bus-4 bus-3 bus-2bus-7

An old schoolbus converted into a sleek living space, floored with wood panels recycled from an old gymnasium, created over 14 weeks by architecture student Hank Butitta.

He’s currently midway through a 5000 mile road trip to test it out (yes, his is a hard ‘oul station) and you can curse his youthful dream chasing follow his progress here.