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Manchester’s insanely hip sea-themed night spot the HoldFast bar.

Manc heart.

Irish design.

Troy , of Harcourt Architects, writes:

We are a small Architectural practice on Harcourt Terrace [Dublin 2]. and just discovered that our latest project, a nautical adventurers themed bar in Manchester called Holdfast, just got voted No.1 bar in the city! Given the economic climate over the past few years it hasn’t been easy and this couldn’t come at a better time…

Also: Glum Joy Division fan is glum (pic 4).

Harcourt Architects

Hold Fast Bar (Facebook)

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Pictures from Trinity College Dublin’s Berkeley and Usher libraries

Alfred writes:

A new book [Dublin Architecture – 150+ Buildings Since 1990] honours Trinity’s Berkeley and Usher libraries as two of the best buildings in Dublin.

It’s true they are beautiful, if you like bare concrete and wood panelling, but the ceilings let water in and you can kill twelve students by closing a door.

Broadsheet has some knowledgeable archibuffs. What’s so good about these buildings, apart from the impromptu waterslide and death chamber?


Architecture: Not everything built in boom was rubbish (Irish Times)

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Some of the handiwork of Dublin architects’ architects Sheila O’Donnell and John Tuomey [top] who have won the 2015 RIBA [Royal Institute of British Architects] Royal Gold Medal in “recognition of their lifetime’s work”.

Shiela and John, both in their early sixties, are apparently among the “youngest recipients of the Medal” previously given to the likes of Le Corbusier , Mies van der Rohe and Frank Gehry

The citation reads:

“It is forty years since it had been awarded to an Irish practice*. In the meanwhile Irish architecture has flourished – particularly in their generation – with a commitment to the art and the craft of building which is the envy of our more populous island. What marks Sheila O’Donnell and John Tuomey’s achievement is that very commitment.

They are, of course builders first of all: but they are writers and teachers as well as professionals, active through the Architectural Association of Ireland in whose recent revival they were instrumental, so that their presence on the Irish scene is a powerful one, and their influence as teachers and writers has been extremely important.

From top: Ranelagh multi-denominational School, Ranelagh, Dublin; the Gray family home, Howth, Co Dublin; An Gaelaras Irish Language Arts and Cultural Centre, Derry.

Fair play, etc.


O’Donnell and Tuomey win RIBA Gold Medal (AJ)

O Donnell Tuomey