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Alan Hurley writes:

For the sake of balance, you may be interested in this Vote No video. I was going to Vote Yes in the referendum on May 22nd, and so I was making one of those #RingYourGranny / Parents videos. However when I spoke to my dad, he raised a legitimate reservation that made me change my mind. I just hope that people don’t judge me until they’ve heard all the arguments and made up their own minds….

A selection from two dozen common errors of argument compiled as an infographic by the nice folk at Your Logical Fallacy Is…

Browse all 24 here or download the entire infographic as an A3, A2 or A1 poster here.



Well not really. But it’s pretty long all the same.

This is an extended version of the diss-off between Kirstin Wiig’s character and the young jewelry buyer from the Blu-Ray edition of  Bridesmaids.