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Free tonight?

Jonathan Lynn writes:

Our annual street art and print pop up opens today Thursday December 4 at 6pm at Indigo & Cloth.  9 Essex Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. (Next door to Garage Bar) The pop up runs from the 4th – 24th of December and we will updates on our twitter with new stock. The store will be open from 10am to 6pm everyday.

The-Incredulity-of-St-Thomas-1000-color-adjust The-Incredulity-of-St-Thomas-detail-color-adjust-1000L_03 WandererL_02 Supper at EmmausL_06 Oath of the HoratiiL_07 The LamentationScreen Shot 2014-10-22 at 14.41.30
From artist Joe Forkan’s ‘series…

‘…of paintings and drawings exploring layered narratives, using masterpieces of Western art and the Coen Brother’s film The Big Lebowski as a starting point.’

Now that’s an artist’s statement.

Above: paintings based on The Incredulity of St Thomas (Caravaggio, 1602) (1,2); Wanderer Above the Sea Of Fog (Caspar David Friedrich, 1818); Supper at Emmaus (Caravaggio, 1601); Oath of The Horatii (Jacques-Louis David, 1784); The Lamentation (Peter Paul Rubens, 1614) and Portrait of Pablo de Valladolid (Diego Velázquez, 1637).

Original artworks here.