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From top: Willem Van der Hagan’s view of Waterford, c1745, and Blaise Smith’s Waterford 2012 painting showing the city from across the River Suir.

Claire Feely writes:

The Office of Public Works and Waterford City & County Council recently commissioned Irish artist, Blaise Smith, to create a new large-scale painting that reflects a 21st century view of Waterford city under the Per Cent for Art Scheme for flood defence works.

In 1735, Waterford Corporation, as it was then known, commissioned a painting of the city from a Dutch painter William Van der Hagen (d. 1745). This painting still hangs today in the Bishop’s Palace and is considered to be a painting of national importance.

The new painting entitled “Waterford 2016”, 5 metres in length and comprised of 52 panels, will act as companion painting to the Van der Hagen painting.

Pics: Patrick Browne




Donough ‘Pencil Robot’ O’Malley writes:

I’ve been illustrating scenes from over the summer. the good, the bad, and the ugly. I thought your readers might recognise this scene particularly from Dublin( with all the young tykes taking to the waterways in the heat. Other illustrations from the series ‘I drew what you did last summer’ can be found here

Pencil Robot

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A View from the Hall.

A tribute to the area formerly known as Kingstown.

Patrick Murphy writes:

About a month ago I left London due to really unfortunate circumstances that were well out of my control. Without getting into too much detail I had to pack up and go home. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the whole thing until the day I came back. I walked around my hometown of Dún Laoghaire [Co Dublin] for a day. I

talked to my friends and family about London and was reminded of how much I loved Dún Laoghaire and the people in it. It made me feel so much better about coming home and gave me a new purpose and drive I haven’t felt in a long while.

‘A view from the Hall’ is a love letter to the place and people who have made me who I am. Ó Chuan go Sliabh.


A View from The Hall (Patrick Murphy)