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Cambridge700ed-fairburn-map-art-western-fronted-fairburn-3-windermereed-fairburn-map-art-1 ed-fairburn-map-art-2PARIS_7001Cardiff-based illustrator Ed Fairburn extrapolates portraits of human faces ‘hidden’ in  the topographical features of various maps of the world.

(Above: Ink on a vintage street map of Cambridge, reproduced military maps of the Western Front (World War II); Lake Windermere; an original Michelin map of France (2 pix) and a vintage street map of Paris.)

He also sells them as prints.


WhoDublin animator Eoin Whelehan has spent the past month creating something new every day.

He is currently on day 31 of a 35 day challenge.

Above is day 30′s offering, featuring Eoin’s favourite Irish musicians done in a ‘who’s who’ style vector graphic hoo ha.

Eoin sez:

“This one is kind of inspired by record store day.”



We can make out Bono and Daniel.

Is that Ronan on the  top left?


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petri-1 petri-2 petri-3 petri-4 petri-5 petri-6 petri-7San Francisco based artist Klari Reis  creates abstract paintings inside petri dishes, using reflective epoxy polymer to depict microscopic images garnered from biotech companies.

It’s called The Daily Dish (she’s doing one a day all through 2013) and while, according to her artist’s statement, it’s intended as an ‘exploration of mankind’s complex relationship with biotechnology’, it’s also rather lovely eye-candification.


A mere sample of the ongoing reductive but ingenious shenanigans underway at #emojiarthistory

A Twitter meme wherein great works of art are reimagined in the medium of Twitter emojis.

Above:  Pearblossom Highway by David Hockey; The Abduction of Europa by Rembrandt; For the Love of God by Damien Hirst and The Treachery of Images by René Magritte)

Naturally, a single serving Tumblr has also emerged.