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Ultan Mashup writes:

Passed this proud yet sad wreck of what I believe was the last working steamship in Ireland: the steam dredger Port Láirge (Or as per the bow “Portlairge”, meaning “Waterford” as Gaeilge) in Saltmills, Wexford on my run tonight.

She now has some funky deep-sea bow art through.  Can any maritime-minded reader throw any light on the artwork and when it appeared and via whom? Or indeed on this majestic old wreck itself? There’s something of the Craggy Island about it…


A mere preliminary sketch of the productivity-gobbling art treasurhouse on offer at Great Art In Ugly Rooms – a Tumblr wherein great art is observed situated in ugly rooms.

Above: Self Portrait (1910) by William Orpen, American Gothic (1930) by Grant Wood, Portrait of The Artist’s Mother (1871) by James Abbott McNeill Whistler and one of Maurizio Cattelan’s taxidermied horses.