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Today’s Irish Independent

Kevin Walshe writes:

Am I alone in being mystified by this “seismic shift”?This was entirely predictable and simply reflects public opinion and the view of the Citizen’s Assembly.

More importantly, are we seriously going to believe Fianna Fáil, would have kept to any principles that might lose them votes in Dublin? Now that would be seismic.


Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin backs repeal of the Eighth Amendment (Independent.ie)

This morning.

Brian Sweeney writes:

Even the idea of a bit of snow or rain in Ireland and this happens. 2 hours 40 minutes for a 50 minute journey yesterday, and today, the same happens! Maybe motorway driving should be on the driving test?


Poll taken for last night’s Claire Byrne Live on RTÉ One

‘Aras Monkey’ writes:

Quick one. Who decides whether we have a presidential election or not? And if it’s not the citizens who decide then why not?




City Renter writes:

I am renting in Dublin 8, I can’t afford to move. Basically, I’m convinced my bed has some bed bugs. I say this because I sometimes wake up with bites and because I have twice seen a small bug in my bed this week.

Is it possible to live side by side with bed bugs? I’m serious. Does anyone have any tips?


Pic: Consumer Report

Anon writes:

“So Irish Water texted me for a refund, but I have never registered. So where did they get my phone number? It’s unlinked on the Electoral Register…”



Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney with British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson in Iveagh House earlier this month



Mallow train station, County Cork; email from Iarnród Éireann

Michelle writes:

Could you share this from Irish Rail? Too bad if you’re mobility impaired and need a bus or taxi out of Cork eh?! Really not cool from Irish Rail again.


The Westmeath Independent

Ronan Emmet writes:

Any of your readers have any opinion on the story (above). This car park was notorious for clamping cars.

Is it tough luck for people who were clamped and had to pay release fees or are they entitled to look for money back considering the car park did not have permission to operate as a commercial car park?


Commercial car park “had no planning permission” (Westmeath Independent)

This morning.

Covanta Waste Plant, Poolbeg, Dublin Port.

Neil Curran (him off the telly) writes:

Aren’t incinerator fires supposed to be on the inside?


Save Poolbeg.

Previously: A “Criminal” Investigation

What is that?

Philly writer:

We have found what we can only describe as ‘spooge’ in our back garden twice now in the last few days, wonder if your readers might know what it could be?

We live near a flight path to Dublin Airport so my wife thinks it might be from a plane maybe? She said it smelled funky but I didn’t get up close to find out :D Maybe its a fungus or eggs?