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Access to my body sensors!?


‘J’ writes:

I’d like to get your readers’ views on this as maybe I’m being over the top…

So I replaced my lost iPhone4 last week thinking that Samsung would have better morals than Apple. But then I discovered an incredible level of intrusion with Google /Android.

Firstly, it took an age to turn off the microphone, with there being an intentional level of difficulty in finding out how to do it (I had to download the Google Now app to this).

Then I refused permissions for access to pics, emails etc. except for the basics (pictures for messages, microphone for calls etc.) which was also intentionally difficult to do.

Now I can’t even send an email without them wanting access to ‘Body Sensors’ (see pic). Regardless of the data privacy issues it’s the sheer obnoxiousness of the whole set-up that really gets me and I really wish I hadn’t bought it. Whatcha think?


Yesterday’s Sunday Independent


Derek writes:

A technical question. Is there  a measurement  available for who exactly the squeezed middle are? I earn 45k a year and my wife takes home about the same. We live in rented accommodation in Dublin city and cannot afford a house and won’t be able to afford one for  years. We take one holiday a year and have one car and no kids yet… Do we qualify?

Squeezed middle or squashed bottom?

YOU decide!


New bin charges: what do they mean and ho much will they be? (Irish Times)




Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan with the Passport Card

Donal writes:

I have been bouncing my head against the wall with the Online Passport card application as it refuses to accept any of my photos. It just gives the useless error that I am either too close or too far away from the camera!

In frustration I downloaded the sample pic that they provide and tested to see if the system accepted that. And guess what it didn’t!! So the system rejects the very photo they provide as an example!

Any chance you can see if other broadsheet readers are having the same problem? Emails to the Passport Office have thus far gone unanswered.




Ciaran writes:

I got this message from Meteor yesterday. They are knocking two days off my plan, but the cost remains the same? Over a year this adds up to 24 extra billable days or an extra top up for them.

I can’t help but notice that it’s coinciding with the introduction of free EU roaming coming into effect in June 2017. Is it just their way of recouping their lost revenue from the extortionate roaming rates they charge customers.



Alan writes:

Simple question: Car Insurance. 2002 [Toyota] Yaris in good nick. I was lucky enough to get a quote of €450 fully comp with RSA last year (via Bank of Ireland). This year it’s crept up to €620. Internet quotes seem higher.

I was hoping to keep it to around €500 as I don’t use the car much. Can anyone recommend a cheap insurer or good broker?