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Mallow train station, County Cork; email from Iarnród Éireann

Michelle writes:

Could you share this from Irish Rail? Too bad if you’re mobility impaired and need a bus or taxi out of Cork eh?! Really not cool from Irish Rail again.


The Westmeath Independent

Ronan Emmet writes:

Any of your readers have any opinion on the story (above). This car park was notorious for clamping cars.

Is it tough luck for people who were clamped and had to pay release fees or are they entitled to look for money back considering the car park did not have permission to operate as a commercial car park?


Commercial car park “had no planning permission” (Westmeath Independent)

This morning.

Covanta Waste Plant, Poolbeg, Dublin Port.

Neil Curran (him off the telly) writes:

Aren’t incinerator fires supposed to be on the inside?


Save Poolbeg.

Previously: A “Criminal” Investigation

What is that?

Philly writer:

We have found what we can only describe as ‘spooge’ in our back garden twice now in the last few days, wonder if your readers might know what it could be?

We live near a flight path to Dublin Airport so my wife thinks it might be from a plane maybe? She said it smelled funky but I didn’t get up close to find out :D Maybe its a fungus or eggs?



Today’s Irish Sun

Further to yesterday’s dramatic arrest.

Rumpole writes:

Why have most of today’s papers dispensed with any of the legal niceties usually necessary when reporting stories like this? The arrested man is a suspect in a number of crimes. As he has been charged isn’t it up to the courts to decide his guilt and wouldn’t this coverage prejudice a trial?  Perhaps your learned friend Legal Coffee Drinker can put me right?


Yesterday: Arrested In Citywest

Outside the the Route 91 Harvest country music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 1

‘Tinfoil Terry’ writes:

Considering the extensive home coverage given to the Las Vegas shootings I am surprised that no Irish media outlet has raised concerns about the many anomalies in the official story. … Broadsheet with your conspiratorial bent should have gone to town on this….

….we heard from everyone when this happened, even Fintan O’Toole gave a sermon, but not a peep now that circumstances surrounding what happened are in some doubt…Why?


Pic: Getty


Lidija writes:


I bought a pan on Debenhams.ie website for €35. It arrived with sticker £25 (which is roughly €27).

As I hate the feeling of being ripped off (only few euros, I know, but still) I am going to have to return this. Can I get priced honoured? Is there protection in cases like this?



This evening.

Maccers writes:

What looks like USB chargers on the back of some seats on a new [Dublin] bus, route 122 this evening. Sweet! But not plugging in until I know more.. (worried about power surges and just paid out for a brand new phone).



Sarah writes:

Important news for everyone in Ireland who objects to paying for water. Irish Water are paying thousands of pounds per day to EY “management consultants ” from London and also paying for their hotel accommodation in the Shelbourne and Intercontinental hotels in Dublin.



Supreme Court Judge Peter Charlton arriving at the Disclosures Tribunal in Dublin Castle in July

Further to the retirement of Nóirín O’Sullivan as Garda Commissioner.

Anon writes:

The whole dynamics of the Charleton Tribunal [investigating claims of an orchestrated smear campaign against Sgt Maurice McCabe] is now changed.

What authority has Nóirín O’Sullivan now with regard to her special investigations team [hand-picked to liaise with Charleton] and can the legal team in place to represent AGS now act for her as a civilian?