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Ed Wills, Managing Director of Go-Ahead Ireland, which was awarded a contract to run 24 of the existing Outer Dublin Metropolitan Area bus routes 

‘Ronan’ writes;

The new bus company in Dublin is called Go Ahead.

Before there was Dublin Bus, there was a practice on some CIE buses in the capital whereby, if you couldn’t or didn’t want to pay the correct fare, you handed over a few coins and said, “Go ahead”.

There’s always been some discussion as to whether the money collected as “go ahead” fares was passed on to CIE by the bus staff or was simply a benign social service in hard times.

Perhaps a Broadsheet reader would know?


Bus operator Go-Ahead Ireland recruiting 425 staff (RTÉ)

From top: St Patrick’s Guild adoption agency; Dr.Karl Mullen

“Unadoptable Girl’ writes:

In the coverage over the faked records and the selling of babies at St Patrick’s Guild adoption agency I’ve heard nothing of the late Dr. Karl Mullen [gynacologist and rugby legend]

It was my understanding that Dr Mullen was the agency’s medical director. He was certainly reported as being this in 1976 when he purchased the 320 acre McGrath ‘Sweepstake’ estate in County Wicklow, but I can find very little on his tenure.

Would any of your readers be able to shed any knowledge?


Most people want truth, not redress says campaigner; Tusla knew of illegal adoptions in 2016 (Conall Ó Fátharta and and Elaine Loughlin, Irish Examiner)

Yesterday: Tears Are Not Enough

Pic: RTE

This morning.

Mark Fearon writes:

Just voted in Killiney [County Dublin]. The lady who I got my ballot paper from had a Bible on the table. Surely that shouldn’t be allowed?



Paul Gorman writes:

Polling station bias: At St.Philip the apostle school voting station in Clonsilla they have New Testament bibles beside the voting boxes.



This morning.

Location unspecified.

Brian Mc writes:

And the other thing… so no canvassing within 50m of a polling station, but a giant statue of the Virgin Mary as you arrive is fine? Don’t ever change Ireland. No wait, do! CHANGE!


Ah here.


This morning.

Italian Quarter, Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1

Thanks Graeme Kelly


Pro choice campaigners block a graphic banner from the Irish Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (ICBR) outside the Rotunda Hospital,  Parnell Square, Dublin 1 last week

Robin Stewart writes:

I’ve been trying to work out who to report illegal referendum posters to? Reckon it’s probably local authority but which section? Environment? Literally dozens upon dozens of illegal posters all around Meath, I wanted to rip them all down myself but hoped maybe the perpetrators could be fined? Ye’re clued-in, any suggestions?



How do you counter this (above)?

Worried in Dublin West writes:

My area is awash with no posters and it’s really getting to me. I’ve decided enough is enough.

I don’t have big money to be buying posters so I’ve resolved to design and have printed some YES stickers and put them on lampposts, consenting lapels etc. around my area.

The problem is, I’ve been racking my brain for the last 48hrs and I find it difficult to sum up such a complicated issue as abortion into a slogan. It works fine for the ‘no’ side [viz: fear, scary, look at this foetus, Jesus can see you in the ballot box].

However, apart from ‘my body my choice’ and possibly ‘if you don’t like abortions, don’t have one’ is there a catchy, short slogan I can fit onto a sticker in support of YES?

I’m trying to find something that will be non-exclusionary, constructive, and (crucially) appealing to swing voters currently being targeted by the no-side who wish to sow the seeds of doubt and make moderate yes voters feel confused and decide to stay at home on polling day.

I still passionately believe that Ireland has a majority of voters that are compassionate and respect women enough to make choices about their own bodies.

Any suggestions welcome.




This afternoon.

Amiens Street, Dublin 1

Alan Bracken writes:

I have noticed there is now number plate reading at Amiens Street station. How can Irish Rail have access to this information?


The Metro Hotel,  Ballymun on Wednesday night (top) and yesterday afternoon

Philip writes:

I have heard it from a lot of people but nothing official. Can anyone actually confirm that ladders were not long enough to fight the fire at the Metro Hotel in Ballymun the other night?


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