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Of this brief Rogue One twerkathon, visual effects artist Nicholas King, who made it, sez:

Wrap parties are always necessary, especially if the film was shot on a beautiful island.


30_20-Best-Star-Wars-Furniture-That-Imperial-Credits-Can-Buy_0-f-1 30_20-Best-Star-Wars-Furniture-That-Imperial-Credits-Can-Buy_1-f 30_20-Best-Star-Wars-Furniture-That-Imperial-Credits-Can-Buy_0-fA tiny sample of the galactic goodies on show at Homes & Hues collection of Star Wars inspired furniture.

MORE: The Best Star Wars Furniture That Imperial Credits Can Buy (Homes And Hues)


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We love a good AT-AT here in MY den the ‘sheet office.

This steampunked AT-AT was built as an engagement present by Captain Bayley to his betrothed.

What girl could say no?

More images on the Cap’n’s  Flickr Photostream.


Moonlight Shadow
Snowspeeder Knock-Over Mission
Last Ship to Rendezvous Point
The Arrival of a Star Destroyer
The Derelict

Finnish illustrator and designer Vesa Lehtimäki has created these stunning vignettes over the last few years. There’s plenty more on his Flickr photostream with scenes from Hoth as well as a few set on Tatooine

He’s also produced a limited run book for himself and his son that we are desperately lusting over but is sadly not for sale.



Three (of five) illustrations of Star Wars characters and vehicles made by artist Sam Hallows, in each case using one continuous pen line.

Dude must rule with an Etch-A-Sketch.


No problem getting to your camp site in that.

Damn futuristic hippies.


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