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The release trailer for a melon-twisting new MC Escher inspired puzzle game called Fragments of Euclid that you can download here.


1600-pandas-in-hong-kong-designboom-01 1600-pandas-in-hong-kong-designboom-02 1600-pandas-in-hong-kong-designboom-04 1600-pandas-in-hong-kong-designboom-08 1600-pandas-in-hong-kong-designboom-10
Five of ten Hong Kong located iterations of a travelling installation by french artist Paulo Grangeon in collaboration with the WWF, PMQ and All Rights Reserved creative studio.

1600 recycled papier maché pandas (one for each member of the species remaining in the world today).


The awareness-raising world tour continues.


Miriam O’Callaghan with Chris Flack (left) and Philip Keenan launching the testicular cancer awareness campaign, part of Blue September.


with James Reilly.

We said ‘check’ them not describe them.


(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)


Sanderson Jones of Comedysale gives the High Street awarenessniks a taste of their own medicine.

It’s all for a good cause.

Satire is a cause, right?