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Episode one in an upcoming series created by Matt Burniston, who sez:

Set in the shadows of a gritty underworld, a war is brewing. The Mega Plush, a group of four plush toy vigilantes, are struggling against the uprising of the SOC (Society of Chimps) army. Good vs evil. Bear vs sock monkey. The question is “who has the stuffing to survive?”



Wildlife cameraman Brad Josephs sez:

When using a GoPro to capture unusually close footage of grizzly bears for the Great Bear Stakeout for BBC, I had a young bear actually chew on the camera. Amazingly there was no damage to the camera! Some of this clip appears in the film Great Bear Stakeoout on BBC and Discovery Channel.

Warning: Grizzly bears do not floss.

Making of The Great Bear Stakeout- Behind the scenes (Alaska Bears and Wolves)