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An interesting musical experiment by musician Steve-san ‘Samurai Guitarist’ Onotera.

What he’s done here is perform an incredibly slow instrumental cover of Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles, taking a full half hour (appropriately, either side of dawn) to pick all the notes. He then speeds up the recording by a factor of 20, approximating the speed of the original.

The result is a strange, not unpleasing modulated violin effect.

Steve-san discusses it in more detail here.



Mario, Fafa, the gorillas, Johnny T and the rest of the Glove and Boots gang get their Beatles on in increasingly unhinged style.

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Ukrainian musician Oleg Berg digitally re-edits famous songs and alters their harmonic scale.

This is his favourite so far – Hey Jude by The Beatles in minor key.


Spotted at Universal Studios in Japan: forced perspective street art for the park’s 10th anniversary this March.

Either something’s been lost in translation or John Lennon is both Snoopy and Woodstock.



YouTuber, StSandersMisc does his thing with The Beatles’ Help. To wit:

‘I never killed your lady, mother, chamberlady and your wife.’

Coming soon: a shredded version of Blade Runner. Hilarious preview of the work in progress here.