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Not a big Dublin drinker then.

The Irish Brewer’s Association (IBA) has called on the Government to reverse last year’s excise increase on beer and cider which it said is creating significant challenges for the tourism industry and pub sector in Ireland.

The Association highlighted that 30% of the final price of a pint of beer or cider is now comprised of tax, following last year’s 22% excise increase. The Association warned that the current tax levels imposed on the sector are unsustainable and detrimental to Ireland’s economic recovery.


Irish Brewers Association

Thanks Colin Taylor

Specifically, do you like lovingly-made craft beer from around the world?

We have two tickets to the Secret Garden Beer Festival on September 15 in Dundrum Town Centre, Co Dublin, sponsored by Deveney’s Off Licence to giveaway.

To enter?

Boozy poets, come lend me your ear,
The rules to this contest are clear,
Write the best rhyme,
And in almost no time,
You’ll be knocking back pitchers of beer.

John Moynes

Oh yes, it’s a ‘Rick-Off.

Submit Limericks below.

Lines close at 3pm. Extended until 3.30pm

The Secret Beer Garden Festival

4.02pm UPDATE:


My rhyme’s good, but I hope you don’t pick it
No way am I using that ticket
I’d only get plastered
And act like a b*stard
Keep your prize, you know where to stick it.

Jim Computer

Second winner

A craft beer there was to be had,
In a garden so wonderfully mad,
The secret is easy,
Mass beers makes you queasy,
While craft beer will make you feel glad

Tarf Tarf



Now some people find it quite rum
But to me its a pain in the bum
To wait for a year
For a festival of beer
Only to find its in f***ing Dundrum

El Cuno

Thanks all.