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Noel Finn of the Franciscan Well Brewpub writes:

…it’s our 16th October supping on an array of the best seasonal beers from around Europe and the world. We’ll have 20 taps of premium beers on the go in our beergarden for the weekend. Nom. 



Dong writes:

Xmas beer shopping with the Belgian Beer Factory (good beer going cheap if you’re interested.). Filters on the left – what’s a woman’s beer?



Ah beer.

Last night.

Dunnes Stores, Cornelscourt, Co Dublin

Dan writes:

The leaning tower of bud boxes – 10 boxes high floor to ceiling leaning towards the rear wall adjoining a main entrance/fire exit. If a box fell on a baby in a buggy or on anybody!!!


C writes:

I don’t know if I find this sad or stupid. At least once a month, someone has a beer fest at the bus stop at Glasnevin cemetery on the Finglas Road. Party Boy then recaps the bottles and puts them back in the packaging usually neater than today. He then gently places everything beside the bin also at the bus stop.