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Bill – currently taking a stick to online etiquette, worldwide.

You’ll like him.

Why Should You Be More Like Bill? (BBC)

(H/T: Spaghetti Hoop)

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A colony of ants moving around an iPhone suddenly begin marching around the phone in a perfect circle when it starts to ring.

The jury is out as to why this happens.

Could it be an ant death circle?


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A mesmerising short by underwater photographer Dustin Adamson, filmed during a recent visit to Papua New Guinea featuring the colourful sub aqua shenanigans of the Nudibranch sea slug, to wit:

Nudibranchs are generally small, a bit like a traditional slug. But these slugs are much more interesting that the ones we find in the garden. The different shapes, colors, and sizes make each species of nudibranchs unique. Hopefully with this video that is up close and personal with the nudi’s, you gain the appreciation for their beauty.



MEME ‘smart glasses’ developed by Tokyo based eyewear designers JINS. The frames have sensors and ‘electro oculogram’ technnology to track eye behaviour, scanning for movements or responses that indicate  fatigue or stress.

A further six axis motion tracking sensors record posture and balance, advising the user when to take a break via smartphone app.